Qualities/Abilities Endowed With

  • A professional editor and reviewer of varied types of documents.
  • Vetting scholarly documents.
  • Provision of firm leadership without hitting the mark of absolute rigidity, guided by the cardinal tenets of transparency, decisiveness, equitability, professionalism and people-orientedness (ability to work and interact with all cadres of persons).
  • Places a high premium on my own personal and professional integrity so as to uphold exemplary leadership; I bear zero tolerance for corruption and influence pedaling.
  • Mentoring young people always aims for higher pursuits academically, professionally as well as in social-economic pursuits.
  • Endowed with excellent writing skills and communication expertise in the
    English and Kiswahili language.
  • Teaching courses on the structure and use of the English and Kiswahili languages as well as General Linguistics courses; buttressed with conducting research in varied areas of scholarship and training in language.
  • Vast experience in scholarship and management issues in higher education.
  • Advocacy for gender equality and equity.

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PhD in General Linguistics from University of York – England

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