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Dr. Damian Kajunguri
Faculty Dean

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The Faculty of Science at Kabale University came into being after the university was awarded the charter as a public university in 2015. Prior to this, the subjects that currently comprise the faculty were taught under the Faculty of Education.

The faculty consists of the Departments of Mathematics, Physics, Biological Sciences, and Chemistry. The Faculty currently has 23 full-time academic members. Through teaching and research, the staff of these departments have made professional and scientific contributions to the public, local, district, national, and international science and technology communities. There are over 400 students registered for courses offered in the Faculty. This includes students who major is Education but to whom the departments in the faculty offer subject-specific teaching and tutoring. Graduates have a variety of job opportunities especially in the public and private educational sectors, in governmental and non-governmental institutions and in some cases, may continue to post-graduate study. Research in the Faculty is primarily individual and aimed at obtaining higher qualifications for the majority of the staff members. As a result, such research tends to be spread across all fields the departments represented.

To provide an accessible and supportive environment for teaching, learning, research, and community engagement in the sciences.

The first choice for students seeking access to quality education in the basic and applied sciences in the Great Lakes Region and beyond.


Programme Category Duration Study time
Bachelor of Science Bachelor’s Degrees 3 Years Fulltime
Higher Education Bridging Certificate Short Course 1 Year Fulltime


Dr. Damian Kajunguri

Faculty Dean
PhD. (Math); MSc. (Math); PGD (Math Sciences); BSc. Educ. (Math/Phys) View Profile

Staff members

Prof. Ezra Mishambi Twesigomwe

Professor- Physics
PhD; MSc.; BSc. View Profile

Assoc. Prof. Stephen Byarujali Mwasa

Associate Professor
PhD (Botany),Master of Science (Botany),Bachelor of Science. View Profile

Assoc. Prof. Aventino Kasangaki

Associate Professor
PhD-Biology(Aquatic Ecology),MSC-Zoology, BSC-Botany & Zoology View Profile

Assoc. Prof. Gerald Majella Mutumba

Associate Professor-Biological Science
PhD Biology View Profile

Dr. Damian Kajunguri

Senior Lecturer
PhD. (Math); MSc. (Math); PGD (Math Sciences); BSc. Educ. (Math/Phys) View Profile

Dr. Steven Rwabona Katashaya

Senior Lecturer
Ph.D, (Doc. Philosophy); MSc. (Physics & Electronics); BSc. (Phy & Math); Dip. Datametrics View Profile

Dr. Sarah Nachuha

Senior Lecturer - Biology
PhD (Zoology – Ornithology); MSc. Env. Science; PGD. PAM; BSc. Ed. View Profile

Buyinza Daniel

Ph.D. Chemistry (UON), MSc.Chemistry (UON), BSc. Educ (KYU) View Profile

Habumugisha Isaac

PhD (Astrophysics) –Candidate; MSc. Physics; Post Gr. Dip. – Dev’t Studies (PPM); BSc. Educ. (Math & Physics) View Profile

Dr. Akugizibwe Edwin

PHD-Statistics,Master of Science Mathematics,Bachelor Education (Mathematics). View Profile

Dr. Nahurira Ruth

PhD. (Biochemistry & Molecular Biology); MSc. (Biochemistry & Molecular Biology); BSc. Ed View Profile

Dr. Mukasa Tibandeke Isharq-Zubair

PhD Philosophy; MSc. View Profile

Namayanja Proscovia

Ph.D. Applied Math; MSc. Applied Math; BSc. Ed View Profile

Kajumba Pamella Katalihwa

Assistant Lecturer
Ph.D. Physics (Student); PG Cert. Advanced Quantitative Data Analysis, Philosophy of methods, Scholarly writing, Solar systems design & applications; MSc. Renewable energy; BSc. (Physics) View Profile

Habakwiha Vianney

Assistant Lecturer
MSc. Physics; BSc. Physics & Math View Profile

Ndyomugabi Stephen Charles

Assistant Lecturer
MED; BSc.; Dip. ED; Dip. Science Ed View Profile

Tumuhimbise Bazeyo Edson

Assistant Lecturer
MSc. (Maths); BSc. (Math, Computer Science, Physics); Dip. in Educ. Sec View Profile

Twagiramaria Fortunate

Assistant Lecturer
MSc. Bio.; BSc. Educ. View Profile

Twinamatsiko Richard

Assistant Lecturer
PhD student (Chemistry) Kyambogo University, MSc (Chemistry) Kampala International University, BSc Industrial Chemistry Makerere University View Profile

Opio Phillip

Assistant Lecturer
Ph.D. Space Physics - Student; MSc. Physics; BSc. Ed View Profile

Katende Ronald

Assistant Lecturer
MSc. Math; BSc. Physical (Math, Statistics) View Profile

Ashabahebwa Catherine

Teaching Assistant
Bachelor of Science with Education,Diploma in Education. View Profile

Atuhaire Mackline

Assistant Administrative Officer
MA. HRM (student); B. Office Mgt & Sec.Studies; Dip. Sec. Studies; Cert. Sec. Studies; Admin. Officers’ Law View Profile

Ndahiriwe Emmanuel

Technician - Chemistry
DLT(Chemistry), CLT- MUST, CCA- Geses U Ltd. View Profile

Tukamushaba Christine

Technician - Biology
Dip. Laboratory Technology; Cert. Electrical installation craft part II; UCE View Profile

Dr. Ahimbisibwe John Bosco

PhD Bio Resources Science; MPhil. in Fisheries Biology and Fisheries Mgt; BSc. Zoology, Botany & Psychology; Dip. Educ. View Profile

Kakai Diana

Laboratory Technician
Dip. Science Lab. Tech. View Profile

Tebetyo Zakia

Assistant Lecturer
View Profile

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