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Tibenderana Narcicir
Academic Registrar

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The Academic Registrar’s Office is managed by Mr. Narcicir Tibenderana. Mr. Tibenderana is an experienced education administrator. He has over 20 years of progressive management and academic experience. He has a Master’s Degree in Educational Management and Administration from the University of Manchester -United Kingdom, a Diploma Business Management and Administration, British College of Professional Management, Jersey- UK and a B.A with Education Degree from Makerere University, Kampala.

He has been the academic Registrar of Kabale University since 2015. He served as an Acting University Secretary for Kabale University in 2017. Before joining Kabale University, he worked as a Principal of Uganda College of Commerce Tororo and Aduku, and Deputy Principal Uganda College of Commerce Kabale.

The Academic Registrar has Deputies in charge of Admissions and Examinations. Other officers working directly under the Office of the Academic Registrar include:

  • Deans of Faculties or Schools
  • Directors of Institutes, Colleges or other Academic bodies

The Academic Registrar assists the Deputy Vice Chancellor Academic Affairs in the management and administration of all academic matters including organization of admissions, examinations, undergraduate studies, postgraduate studies and issues of research and publications. He is Secretary to Senate and all its Committees.

Duties & Responsibilities

The mandate of the Position and mandate of the Academic Registrar are derived from the Universities and Other Tertiary Institutions Act 2001, as amended.

 Core functions duties
The role of the department of the Academic Registrar is to coordinate academic matters in the University namely: Admissions, Examinations, undergraduate and postgraduate studies, management of academic records of students including transcripts and certificates, Curriculum Development, Implementation and Review, Academic Ceremonies and Research & Publications. Academic Registrar’s department is the secretariat to the senate and senate committees.
The roles of the Office of the Academic Registrar revolve around the following sectors:

Undergraduate Admissions and Records

  • Processing of undergraduate admissions and provision of information to the general public, on programs available at the University;
  • Liaising with Faculties/Institutes/Schools/Colleges on matters concerning admission;
  • Registration of both first-year and continuing students on the University programmes, including those at connected institutions;
  • Generation and keeping records of current and former students of the University;
  • Producing the yearly nominal roll containing information of all Undergraduate registered students.

Examinations and Academic Ceremonies

  • Organizing and coordination of all University Examinations;
  • Handling Examination Irregularities/Malpractices issues;
  • Handling appeal cases on Examination Matters;
  • Organization and coordination of graduation ceremonies;
  • Preparing and issuing Academic Transcripts and certificates;
  • Handling issues of all awards.


  • Liaison with Faculties/Institutes/Schools/Colleges on new programmes;
  • Formulation and review of regulations and policies;
  • Approval of University examination results;
  • Handles all quality assurance issues;
  • Manages and administers all Senate matters.

Graduate Admissions and Records

  • Processing of Postgraduate Admissions and provision of information to the general public, about programs available at the Graduate School;
  • Liaising with Faculties/Institute/School on admission matters;
  • Registration of graduate students to the University programmes;
  • Generation and keeping records of current and former graduate students of the University;
  • Producing the yearly nominal roll containing information of all Graduate registered students.
  • Co-ordination of research, research grants and research publications.

The Academic Registrar also coordinates activities of the Convocation. This is an association of the graduates of the University and members of staff and such other persons as the University Council may authorize.



Staff members

Tibenderana Narcicir

Academic Registrar
M.Ed. (Manchester), B.A.Ed. (MAK), Dip. Bus. Mgt/Admin (New Jersey), Teaching Cert. (Shimon), Cert. PPM (MAK) View Profile

Canon Benon Freddie Kwikiriza

Deputy Academic Registrar
MA. Orgn. Leadership & Mgt; BA. (Professional and Continuing Educ.); BA & Concurrent DIP.Educ. View Profile

Dr. Monicah Rullonga Kanyesigye

Deputy Academic Registrar
View Profile

Lukundo Mike

Principal Assistant Registrar
M.A.(Mak) BA.(Mak) View Profile

Wandira Linda

Senior Assistant Academic Registrar
MA.Economic Policy & Planning(EPP); Bachelor of Economics View Profile

Nkamwesiga Nicholas

Senior End User Support Officer
MSc. EE(TE); BSc. COMPEng.; CISA®; CISM®; CC®; ITIL®; CNSS View Profile

Isaac Tweterane

Senior Systems Administrator
MIT (UTAMU); B.CompEng (BST); CC; ITIL; ISO/IEC 27001 (ISMS); MCSA View Profile

Ronah Arinanye Tugume

Senior Assistant Academic Registrar

Tumusiime Agnes

Assistant Registrar
MAPAM; BOIM; Dip. Sec Ed, Admin. Law View Profile

Idah Kalani Sunday

Assistant Registrar
MAPAM(Student); BAS View Profile

Medad Kiconco

Assistant Academic Registrar
MAED(KAB);BMUS(MUK);DES(ITEK);Certificate BEAAP(APCEIU, Seoul South Korea) View Profile

Joshua Atweeta

Assistant Academic Registrar
MBA (MAK); BDVS(UCU-Mukono) View Profile

Tadius Nimusiima Kakwego

Assistant Secretary
MAPAM (KAB) PGDPAM (KAB) BDVS (BSU) DIP. Edu (KYU) Cert. Admin Law (LDC) PGD Cert. Project M&E (MAK) View Profile

Muhindo Yoweri

Records Officer

Katwesige Annet

Assistant Administrative Officer
PGD HRM; BA. SS View Profile

Tugume Christine

Assistant Administrative Officer
BSWSA View Profile

Kenyonyozi Digina

Assistant Records Officer
DRAM(KAB) View Profile

Kushaba Eunice

Assistant Administrative Officer
B. SES View Profile

Gordon Tabaro

Assistant Administrative Officer

Tumuhairwe Patrick

Assistant Records Officer
BLIS View Profile

Tushabomwe Rothrah

Office Assistant
Cert. RAM View Profile


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