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Assoc Prof. Tamwesigire Caleb
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Faculty of Economics and Management Sciences is one of the newly established Faculties in the University, it is dedicated to training and producing researchers who have appropriate skills, knowledge, competences, and attitudes to make ethical, innovative, professional, and creative contributions to the community and the professional disciplines in Business, Finance, Management, Economics, Tourism, and Hospitality.

The programmes have witnessed increasing numbers of applicants who are guided by highly skilled staff.  These scholars are taught complementary research projects in the different fields of economics and Management Science interests. The faculty is blessed with highly trained teaching academic staff comprising of 12 Ph.D. holders and out of these 3 are professors in relevant management disciplines and 5 staff members on Ph.D. track who all teach and guide scholars in both theory and practice. FEMS   has 6 Departments: Department of Finance and Accounting, Department of Management Studies, Department of Procurement and supply chain management, Department of Economics and Depart and statistics, and Department of Tourism and Hospitality Management.

The Faculty offers both Undergraduate and Postgraduate degree programs in various fields of Business, Finance, Economics, and Statistics as well as Tourism and Hospitality.  Currently, in the undergraduate portfolio, we offer Bachelor of Business Administration, Bachelor of procurement and Logistics Management, Bachelor of Economics, Bachelor of Tourism Management, Diploma in Business Administration and Management, Diploma in Project Planning and Management, Diploma in Tourism and a diploma in Hotel Management.

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Programme Code Category Duration Study time
Bachelor of Arts in Economics KEC Bachelor’s Degrees 3 Years Fulltime
Bachelor of Business Administration KBA Bachelor’s Degrees 3 Years Fulltime/Weekend
Bachelor of Catering and Hospitality KCH Bachelor’s Degrees 3 Years Fulltime
Bachelor of Procurement and Logistics Management KPL Bachelor’s Degrees 3 Years Fulltime
Certified Professional Accountancy (CPA) CPA Short Course 0 Occasional
Diploma in Business Administration and Management BAK Undergraduate Diplomas 2 Years Fulltime/Weekend
Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Business Administration (By Coursework and Research) PHDBA-CW&R Doctoral Degrees 3 Years Weekend
Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Business Administration (By Research) PHDBA- R Doctoral Degrees 3 Years Weekend
Master of Business Administration MBA Master’s Degrees 2 Years Weekend
Master of Economics MEC Master’s Degrees 2 Years Weekend
Master of Human Resource Management M.A.HR Master’s Degrees 2 Years Weekend
Master of Project Planning and Management MAPPM Master’s Degrees 2 Years Weekend
Postgraduate Diploma in Business Administration PGDBA Postgraduate Diplomas 1 Year Weekend
Postgraduate Diploma in Human Resource Management PDHR Postgraduate Diplomas 1 Year Weekend
Postgraduate Diploma in Project Planning and Management PDPP Postgraduate Diplomas 1 Year Weekend

Staff members

Prof. Kaaya Siraje

Professor - Business Leadership And Management
PhD. Bus. Leadership & Mgt; Ma. Bus. Leadership & Mgt; Ba. Bus. Mgt; Dip. Bus. Studies; UACE; UCE View Profile

Assoc Prof. Tamwesigire Caleb

Associate Professor - Business Studies
PhD Bus, Admin.; MA. Public Admin.; BA. Econ. View Profile

Assoc Prof. Turyahebwa Abanis

Associate Professor
PhD (Mgt Science-Finance & Accounting); CFIP, ACCA, MBA (Finance & Accounting); BBA (Accounting) View Profile

Dr. Agaba Moses

Senior Lecturer
PhD(KIU); MBA (KIU); LLB (NUR) View Profile

Dr. Sunday Arthur

Senior Lecturer
PhD Mgt Science-Actg& Fin ; MBAActg& Fin; BBA-Accounting View Profile

Dr. Damazo T. Kadengye

Senior Lecturer-Statistics
View Profile

Dr. Byamukama Eliab Mpora

Senior Lecturer
PhD (Finance & Accounting); MBA (Finance & Accounting); B. Accounting View Profile

Dr. Ezra Francis Munyambonera

Senior Lecturer-Economics
2013-PhD-Economics-Mak, 2001-MSc. Agricultural Economics-Mak, 1991-Bsc Agriculture-Mak View Profile

Dr. Burani Aluonzi

Lecturer - Human Resource Management
View Profile

Dr. Kikawa Richard Cliff

PhD of Technology: Math Technology (Statistics); M. Statistics; BSc. Educ. View Profile

Dr. Florence Barugahara

Lecturer - Economics
Ph.D. Economics, MSc. Financial Economics, B.com (Accounting and Finance) View Profile

Dr. Judith Asiimwe Bijurenda

Lecturer-Management Science
Doctor of Business Administration (USIU); MBA (USIU); Hons Bachelors (MUK) View Profile

Jack Rugasira

Lecturer-Procurement & Logistics
View Profile

Dr. Eton Marus

Senior Lecturer
PhD; PGD-M&E; MBA; PGD-Financial MGT; Ba. Com.; Higher Dip. Marketing View Profile

Olupot Simon Peter

Assistant Lecturer-Procurement & Logistics
MSc. PSCM (MAK); BPLM (KYU) View Profile

Nabimanya Boaz

Assistant Lecturer
Master of Social-Economics; PGDE-Math. & Econ.; Bs. Quant. Econ. View Profile

Benon Kyabarongo

Assistant Lecturer
PhD Candidate (Finance), MBA Finance, BBA Accounting & Finance, Dip (Finance) PGD Monitoring & Evaluation View Profile

Jesse David Kabagambe

Assistant Lecturer - Business Studies
BIBA(Hons), MBA (Fin.& Acctg), PGD (Fin. Mgt), MMS (Fin. Mgt), PhD Candidate (Finance) View Profile

Teddy Akakikunda

Assisstant Lecturer-Procurement
View Profile

Miganda Vicient

Assistant Lecturer - Business Studies
View Profile

Turyasingura John Bosco

Assistant Lecturer
PhD (NU) ,Masters in Project Planning and Management(UMI) PGDPPM (UMI), BDS(UCU). View Profile

Agaba David

Assistant Lecturer-Economics
PhD-Economics (Student); MA. Econ; B. Educ; Dip. Sec. Educ. View Profile

Nyesigire Jolly Kakkayi

Assistant Lecturer - Business Studies
PhDBA(Student), MBA; PGDHRM; BBA; DIP. AC (UDBS); CPA Level 3 (Student) View Profile

Arinaitwe Julius Byarugaba

Assistant Lecturer
PhD Candidate BM-HRM (Moi University), MAHRM(Muk),BED(Muk),Dip Educ (Kyambogo University),Cert. Administrative Law. (Muk),Cert Micro research (Dalhousie &MUST ), Cert.C.S.I.T(Muk). View Profile

Kanyesime Alex

Assistant Lecturer
MMS-HRM; PGD-HRM; BDS View Profile

Ahabwe Edward

Assistant Lecturer
PhD Student(MUST); MBA (KAB); BBA-Procurement(MUST); PGDSM(NDU); Dip. Educ.(ITEK) View Profile

Turyamushanga Labson

Assistant Lecturer
CPA, MBA (Finance & Accounting); BBE; Dip. BS View Profile

Murezi Caroline Masiko

Assistant Lecturer
BBA(Accounting and Finance)(UCU); MBA (Accounting and Finance) (KAB); PhD Student (Business - Entrepreneurship and Innovation) View Profile

Nyangoma Miria

Assistant Lecturer
MsSCM( KYU) BPLM(KYU) View Profile

Byanyima Faustino

Assistant Lecturer
MA.Econ.; BA. Econ. View Profile

Mayanja Edison

Assistant Lecturer
PhD, MA Statistics; PGD. ME; BSc. Math & Physics View Profile

Dianah Nkamusiima

Teaching Assistant
Bachelor of Arts with Economics View Profile

Tushemereirwe Judith

Assistant Academic Registrar
B. O. I. M (Mak), MAPAM (Student Kab) View Profile

Francis Turinawe

Teaching Assistant (Management Sciences)
View Profile

Jasper Atukwase

Teaching Assistant - Procurement and Logistics Management
View Profile

Emily Atukunda

Teaching Assistant - Accounting & Finance
View Profile

Miria Kyarikunda

Teaching Assistant - Economics
View Profile

Visiting Scholars

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National ICT Initiatives Support Programme (MoICT and NG) Together with Kabale University June, 2022 → June, 2025
National ICT Initiatives support programme (MoICT and NG) June, 2022
Kabale UnIversity Research and Ethics Committee May, 2022 → June, 2023
Dr. Agaba Moses [Principal Investigator], Dr. Nafiu Lukman Abiodun [Co-Investigator], Prof. Siraje Kaaya [Co-Investigator]. June, 2021 → July, 2022
Dr. Nafiu Lukman Abiodun [Principal Investigator], Dr. George Stanley Kinyata [Co-Investigator], Assoc. Prof. Caleb Tamwesigire [Co-Investigator]. June, 2021 → July, 2023
Dr. Nina Olivia Rugambwa [Principal Investigator], Dr. Businge Phelix Mbabazi [Co-Investigator], Dr. Nafiu Lukman Abiodun [Co-Investigator]. March, 2021 → February, 2022
Mesharch Katusiimeh; Boaz Nabimanya September, 2020
Dr. Arthur Sunday, Prof. Kaaya Siraje, Dr. Abanis Turyahebwa, Dr, Byamukama Mpora Eliab and Associate Prof. Tamwesigire Caleb June, 2020 → December, 2020
Dr. Timothy Nduhuhire [Principal Investigator], Dr. Nafiu Lukman Abiodun [Co-Investigator], Dr. George Stanley Kinyata [Co-Investigator] , Assoc. Prof. Caleb Tamwesigire [Co-Investigator]. June, 2020 → July, 2021
Dr. Nafiu Lukman Abiodun [Principal Investigator], Dr. Awunor Simeon [Co-Investigator], Dr. Alaka Ambali Abayomi [Co-Investigator]. December, 2019 → December, 2020
Dr. Nafiu Lukman Abiodun [Principal Investigator], Dr. Alaka Ambali Abayomi [Co-Investigator]. March, 2019 → December, 2019
Prof. Kaaya Siraje, (PI), Dr. Hakizimana Lucien, Engineer Kayonga, Dr. Mujambere and Mabashyinkwaya January, 2019 → December, 2020
Dr. Mujambere JMV, Rutikanga and Prof. Kaaya Siraje March, 2017 → February, 2018
Dr. Mujambere JMV, Prof. Kaaya Siraje and Mubashyinkwaya January, 2017 → December, 2017
Prof. Kaaya Siraje And Muhire Kanyamasoro March, 2014
Prof. Kaaya Siraje, Mafumbo, Dr. Muni Geofrey and Kayizi Ahamed May, 2013 → January, 2014

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