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Dr. Charlotte Kabaseke
Faculty Dean

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The Faculty of Law is part of the prestigious Kabale University, one of the top public universities in the Kigezi sub-region of Uganda, serving the niche market demand of East Africa as a whole. Currently, Kabale University is leading the research and innovation drive of the region as a whole. It is situated on the University’s main campus in Kikungiri, neighbouring the High Court of Uganda at Kabale and is strategically and centrally located in the mid-point of Kikungiri campus to offer and conduct legal education and training to students and the public.   Kabale University’s Faculty of Law is also close to other stakeholders in the Justice, Law and Order Sector such as the Ndorwa Prison, the University Police post, the Office of the Directorate of Prosecution and other units housed by the judiciary at the premises of the High Court.   With plans to offer Post graduate law courses and extramural law-related courses soon, the faculty of law, at Kabale University offers undergraduate studies for the Bachelor of Laws program and the administrative law short law courses to the general public for skills development and capacity building.

The Faculty of Law, Kabale University has as its core focus; debunking the role of law and its institutions in contemporary domestic and international society and it is divided into five organizational units: the Department of Law and Jurisprudence, the Department of Commercial Law, the Department of Public and Comparative Law, Human Rights, Peace and Clinical legal education and Environmental Law.
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Staff members

Dr. Charlotte Kabaseke

Lecturer - Law and Jurisprudence
(Ph.D.) (Wuhan), LLM (MUK), Dip. LP (LDC), LLB (UCU) View Profile

Dalton Odomoch

Assistant Lecturer - Public & Comp Law
Post Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice(Law Developement Center), LLM-Public International & European Law(University of Amsterdam), LLM- Master of Laws(School of Law, Makerere University, Kampala), LLB-Bachelor of Laws(School of Law, Makerere University, Kampala) View Profile

Ivan Kayiti Mugabi

Assistant Lecturer-Human Rights & Peace
,M. Phil. (Cardiff University); LLM (Human Rights Law-Cardiff University): LLM (International Commercial Law-University of Glamorgan); Post-Graduate Diploma in Legal(LDC): LLB (Hons)(UCU) View Profile

Lilibert Moira Musiime

Assistant Lecturer-Law & Jurisprudence
MPhil (University of Dundee), MSC International Oil and Gas Management (University of Dundee), LLM(Merit)- Petroleum Law and Policy (University of Dundee), Bachelor of Laws (LLB HONS-UCU LAW) View Profile

Martha Ayebare Kebirungi

Teaching Assistant-Human Rights
PGD LP. - (LDC); LLB (Hons.) - (BSU) View Profile

Arnold Taremwa Mugisha

Assistant Administrative Officer
PGD-LP (LDC); LLB (Hons) (MUK) View Profile

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