Statutory Instruments


2015 No. 36.

(Under section 22(1) of the Universities and Other Tertiary Institutions Act, 2001).

  1. Title

In exercise of the powers conferred upon the Minister responsible for Education by section 22(1), 2(1) and 25 of the Universities and Other Tertiary Institutions Act, 2001 and on the recommendation of the National Council for Higher Education, this Instrument, 2015.

Establishment of Kabale University

  • There is established a public University to be known as the Kabale University.
  • The headquarters of the University shall be located in Kabale district in Western Uganda.

Objectives of the University

  • To be the standard of excellence and innovation for societal transformation.
  • To be a leader in integrating scholarship and practice;
  • To serve societal needs and to foster social and economic development;
  • To be global in perspective, organization and action;
  • To engage staff and students in creative and rewarding learning so as to enhance economic and societal development in Uganda and beyond; and
  • To assist local communities and to build their capacity for socio-economic enhancement.
  • Functions of the University

The functions of the University are;

  • To provide instruction to all those admitted to the University and make provision for the advancement, transmission and preservation of knowledge, and to stimulate intellectual life in Uganda;
  • To organize and conduct courses and programmes critical to national development;
  • To conduct examinations and award certificates, diplomas and degrees and where necessary to revoke such awards;
  • To undertake the development and sustenance of research and publication;
  • To disseminate knowledge and give opportunity of acquiring higher education to all persons, including persons with disabilities, wishing to do so regardless of race, political, opinion, colour, creed or sex;
  • To provide accessible physical facilities to the users of the University.

Minister of Education, Science, Technology & Sports.