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Rev Prof. Manuel Muranga John Kamugisha

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Due to the regional cooperation under the East African Community, there is a need for teaching and learning of the languages spoken in the member countries; languages such as Kiswahili, French, and English, in order to ease trade, movement of people and human resource for the labour market. The need also exists in neighboring countries such as DRC. There is a necessity for international languages in order to work in the tourist industry and international bodies.

The UN languages such as Arabic, Spanish, and French are almost a must for language students at higher levels of learning. Chinese has recently gained prominence due to the fact that China has gained capacity as a world leader in trade. Runyakitara also has its place because it comprises of Bantu languages spoken in Western Uganda, Northwest Tanzania and Eastern DRC. Altogether the population that speaks these languages is estimated at 15 million. This is a big area population important for social-economic development.

The location of Kabale university, with such proximity with Rwanda, Burundi and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) provides a unique feature for business as well as cross-cultural exchange. The Knowledge of these languages is and will always be important to this region and the world at large.

To be the nucleus of language teaching and learning in Africa.

To teach, train, carry out research, provide a conducive environment for teaching and learning of national and international languages; and offer unique language-related services such as translation and interpretation.

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Programme Category Duration Study time
Diploma in Kiswahili Undergraduate Diplomas 2 Years Fulltime


Rev Prof. Manuel Muranga John Kamugisha

Dr. Phil. “German Literature (Goethe-Institute) German Teacher Training Seminary course, (Goethe Institute University of Munich.) B.A. (Hons.) with Diploma in Educ (Mak). View Profile

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Rev Prof. Manuel Muranga John Kamugisha

Dr. Phil. “German Literature (Goethe-Institute) German Teacher Training Seminary course, (Goethe Institute University of Munich.) B.A. (Hons.) with Diploma in Educ (Mak). View Profile

Prof. Ruth Mukama Gimbo

PhD. General Linguistics View Profile

Dr. Constance Tukwasibwe

PhD, Linguistics; M.A. Eng. Lang. Studies; B.A. Eng. Lang. & Hist, View Profile

Dr. Ocan Johnson

BA (Hons.), MA (TESOL), Ph.D. (Literature in English) View Profile

Obuya Godwin

Assistant Lecturer
Master of Arts in Literature,Bachelor of Arts with Education . View Profile

Mwesige Felix

Assistant Lecturer
M. Ling. French as Foreign Language; BA. Educ; Dip. Educ. Sec View Profile

Tumusiime Agnes

Administrative Officer
MAPAM; BOIM; Dip. Sec Ed View Profile

Mutenyo Aidah

Assistant Lecturer
PhD Candidate; Master of Kiswahili View Profile

Majariwa David

Assistant Lecturer
MA. Ling.; BA View Profile

Tindyebwa Lillian

Assistant Lecturer
MA. LIT; BA (HONS) View Profile

Ariho Lucky

Assistant Lecturer
MA. LIT; BA. ED View Profile

Ndyanimanya Jackson

Assistant lecturer
MA.Language Translation; BA. ED; DIP. ED View Profile

Mulei Martin

Assistant Lecturer
Ph.D(Kiswahili student at Maseno University- final stage), M.A (Kiswahili)- IUIU BAED(MAK): View Profile

Natumanya Misah

Assistant Lecturer
MPhil. Linguistics; BA. Runyakitara View Profile

Tusimirwe Philbert

Teaching Asssistant
Bachelor of Arts-Kiswahili-KAB-2019 View Profile

Awino Mary

Teaching Assistant
BA. ED View Profile

Kaitaba Maurice

Teaching Assistant
BA. ED; DIP. French; Cert. French View Profile

Labourday Ubaldo

Teaching Assistant
MLIT (Cand); B.ED: DIP. ED View Profile

Kyomukama Christine

Teaching Assistant
MA. Linguistics (French); BA. Education (French); HETC; eLearning (French) View Profile

Tusiime Medius

Teaching Assistant
BA. Educ. View Profile

Ainembabazi Norah

Teaching Assistant
BA. View Profile

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