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Gad Twesigye
University Bursar

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The finance department is one of the administrative departments of the University. It is headed by the University Bursar in accordance with section 36 of the Universities and Other Tertiary Institutions Act 2001 (as amended) hereinafter abbreviated as UOTIA.


The overall mandate of the office of the University Bursar as established under section 36 of UOTIA is financial administration and planning of the University. This mandate includes Planning, budgeting and budget management, revenue mobilization, financial accounting,  expenditure management, financial reporting and accountability in line with the  Constitution of Republic of Uganda, the Universities and Other Tertiary Institutions Act 2001, Public Finance Management Act 2015, The Income Tax Act Cap 340, The Accountants Act 2013, The National Audit Act 2008, The Public Procurement and Disposal of Public Assets Act 2003, The National Social Security Fund Act Cap 222, Treasury Accounting Instruction 2017, Public Finance Management Regulation 2016, the and Kabale University Finance Management Manual 2019 and other instructions issued from time to time by the Secretary to the Treasury and/or University Accounting Officer.

Structure of the Department

The Department is structured into four sections through which all financial management outputs/services are delivered namely;

  • Revenue and Grants section
  • Accounts and Reporting section
  • Budgeting and Monitoring section
  • Assets and Stores section
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Duties & Responsibilities

The department is responsible for the following functions;

  • To put in place sound systems for mobilization of financial resources in the University.
  • To carry out financial planning and management of the University budget;
  • To oversee the management of the university budget, revenues, expenditures, and stores;
  • To maintain a sound financial management system with strong record-keeping,  internal controls and risk management systems;
  • To advise and enforce adherence to sound financial management policies, rules, procedures and professional practices in all financial and accounting transactions;
  • To reconcile the books of accounts, produce and present the university final accounts and financial statements to the relevant authorities; and
  • To provide technical advice on response to audit queries and mandatory inquiries whenever necessary.
  • To manage supplies, assets and stores in the University to ensure their efficient and effective custody and usage and accountability.
  • To develop and/or review policies relating to planning, resource mobilization and financial management in general.
  • To provide technical advice to the University Council, Management, staff and student leadership on financial policy and/or management issues.


Staff members

Gad Twesigye

University Bursar
CPA (ICPAU), MBA (MUST), PGD (UMI), BCOM (MAK), Cert. Admin. Law (LDC) View Profile

Michael Achandere Osinde

Deputy Bursar
MSc (LSB), B.Com (MAK), ACCA View Profile

Arinaitwe Perpetua

Senior Assistant Bursar
CPA(U); MBA; PGD. Financial Mgt; BBA; Finance Officers Dip.; Cert. in Account. Tech.; UDBS View Profile

Muhindo Patience

Inventory Management Officer
BPLM View Profile

Joshua Ahumuza

Assistant Accountant
MBA(Student-KAB),BBA(MUBS), UACE,UCE View Profile

Mugume Herbert

Assistant Accountant
MBA,BAF,DBS View Profile

Prime Tukamushaba

Assistant Accountant
BBA(UCU) View Profile

Johnson Musoke

Assistant Accountant

Sophie Nakalule

Assistant Accountant
CPA,BBS(KYU) View Profile

Miracle Atangaza

Assistant Administrative Officer
MSW- (in progress) UCU @ Research level, BSWSA(UCU) View Profile

Kihembo Grace

Assistant Accountant
MBA(KAB), BBA(UCU), UDBS(NCBS Nakawa) View Profile

Komuhangi Jacenta

Assistant Accountant

Turyomunsi Ambrose

Assistant Accountant
MBA(KAB), BBA(KAB), UDBS(Nakawa) View Profile

Kabagambe Robert

Assistant Accountant
MBA; BBA; UDBS View Profile

Baluku Kevin Semu

Assistant Accountant
MBA(KAB), PGD-FM(UMI), BBA(UCU) View Profile

Festus Katwereebere

Assistant Inventory Management Officer
View Profile

Kangala Elly Kasajja

Assistant Inventory Management Officer
Dip. SMS; Cert. PSM View Profile

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