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Prof. Ruth Mukama Gimbo
Head of Department

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In reference to the Constitutional Amendment Act (2003), Kiswahili was proclaimed as the second official language of Uganda. In addition, The Government White Paper stipulated that Kiswahili and English languages be taught as compulsory subjects to all learners throughout the primary level of learning, in both urban and rural areas. This clearly indicates that the Uganda Government emphasises the teaching of Kiswahili in schools in order to have a Ugandan population that is competent in Kiswahili in the future so that they may be able to communicate effectively with other Kiswahili speakers from the East African Region. Besides, Kiswahili is a blueprint for the enhancement of regional cooperation in East Africa.

The Kiswahili Department at Kabale University complements Government efforts by teaching Kiswahili to students preparing to become teachers of the Language in primary schools, high schools and institutions of higher learning. The Department also runs a diploma programme in Kiswahili Language Studies.

A number of opportunities accrue from the East African Federation, job opportunities inclusive. Ugandan Kiswahili speakers can work anywhere in the East African member states: they can serve in the education service, trade and commerce, administration, and in regional and international relations. In addition, graduates of Kiswahili can also be translators, interpreters, ICT programmers and researchers.

Staff Members

Prof. Ruth Mukama Gimbo

PhD. General Linguistics View Profile

Dr. Majariwa David

Director (Institute of Language Studies)
PhD in Kiswahili (UDSM), M.A. Linguistics (MUK); BA(A) (MUK), DES(KYU) View Profile

Prof. Oswald Ndoleriire

Professor-Runyakitara & French
PhD-Linguistics(Sorbonne Nouvelle), MA-Linguistics(Sorbonne Nouvelle), Bed-French(Sorbonne Nouvelle) View Profile

Dr. Arnold Gawasike Msigwa

Lecturer - Kiswahili
PhD Kiswahili Linguistics (Dar), M.A. Kiswahili Linguistics (Dar), BAED (Dar). View Profile

Mutenyo Aidah

Assistant Lecturer
PhD Candidate; Master of Kiswahili View Profile

Natumanya Misah

Assistant Lecturer
MPhil. Linguistics; BA. Runyakitara View Profile

Innocent Agume

Assistant Lecturer - Kiswahili Languange /Linguistics
MA. Kiswahili (Moi); BEd (KYU); DES (KYU) View Profile

Innocent Agaba

Assistant Lecturer-Kiswahili
MA. Kiswahili (IUIU),BED(KYU), DES(KYU) View Profile

Tusiime Medius

Teaching Assistant
MA. Kiswahili (IUIU) BA. Educ(KAB) View Profile

Ainembabazi Norah

Teaching Assistant
BA. View Profile

Tusimirwe Philbert

Teaching Asssistant
MAK (IUIU), BAED (KAB) View Profile

Joshua Mugisha

Teaching Assistant -Runyakitara
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