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Tukamushaba Amos
Dean of Students

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The Office of the Dean of Students is established under section 37 of the Universities and Other Tertiary Institution Act. The Office bearer is appointed by the University Council on the recommendation of the Appointments Board on the terms and conditions that the University Council may determine.

The Dean of Students shall be responsible for the welfare of the students and shall be responsible to the Vice-Chancellor.

The office of Dean of Students is managed by Mr. Amos Tukamushaba who was appointed to this Office on 27th February 2020 by the University Council.

Prior to his appointment as Dean of Students Kabale University, Amos had been a Principal Warden Lumumba Hall Makerere University. He had also served as a warden Mitchell Hall and University Hall 2014-2018 and Livingstone Hall 2011-2014, Makerere University.

Tukamushaba started working with Makerere University since 1992 as an Assistant Domestic Bursar. He later became the Domestic Bursar for CCE Complex Hall and Livingstone Hall from 1998- 2003 and 2003-2010, respectively.

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Duties & Responsibilities

The Dean of Students maintains students’ discipline and oversees the general management of student affairs in accordance with the law, University Policies and Regulations.

The officer is charged with the direct supervision and control of the halls of residence and all matters related to accommodation, feeding and sanitation for both residents and non-residents.

Directs matters related to the operations of the students Guild, coordinates and guides the activities of students Associations, Students Leadership and Career Development events.

The officer further, directs the organization and management of Students Sports, Games and Recreational activities and provides Administrative Secretariat support services to committees managing student affairs.

He manages the Students’ Information Services in line with the University’s Communication Strategy.

The Dean of Students, work hand in hand with the University Secretary, University Bursar for the smooth provision of welfare services to students.

The Dean of Students oversees the works of the Counselling Unit, Sports, Games and Recreational Unit, the Halls and Health Unit (Sickbay) for the wellbeing of students among many others.


Staff members

Tukamushaba Amos

Dean of Students
M.A PAM(MAK), B.A.SS(MAK), UDHIC (MUBS), Cert. Admin Law (LDC) View Profile

Asiimwe Confidence Nkurunungi

MAC (MAK) BAGC (KYU) View Profile

Asingwire Christine

Assistant Administrative Officer
B.Sec & Office Mgt.; DSES; CSES View Profile

Nakidde Prossy Mukasa

Cert Admin Law LDC (MAK)MA.Educ.Mgt (KIU), BA. Educ (MAK) View Profile

Byakatonda Acbor Milton

Assistant Sports officer
B.Sc. Sports Science (MUK), Dip. Educ. Secondary (ITEK) View Profile

Sayuni Musinguzi

Assistant Counsellor
MSc.CP(candidate )(BSU),BGCL (KAB), HETC (KAB), CCA (KAB) View Profile

Besiga Bernard

Chief Custodian
Dip.Business MGT; DRM View Profile

ASP Okello George William

Officer in charge (OC) - Kabale University Police Post
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