Kabale University School of Medicine (KABSOM)

Prof. James K Tumwine
Faculty Dean

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Kabale University School of Medicine was opened in September 2016 in response to the huge Health Professionals Training Gap in the Kigezi Region (where Kabale University is located). The CORE BUSINESS of the school is Teaching/Learning, Research, and Community Service.

The Medical School’s strategy is embedded in the overall heritage of Kabale University as a community-founded and community-centered institution of higher learning. The School strives to generate & disseminate knowledge and, develop skills of graduates that are of benefit to them as individuals, to their communities, their employers, and the country at large. The school, therefore, seeks to promote innovativeness, community service, and resourcefulness among the graduating professionals. We aspire to achieve this by developing sustainable accredited programs that produce graduates able to deliver outstanding health care, while observing the highest standards of ethics, integrity and compassion to those in need and graduates that can participate in research and community care services for the betterment of people’s health and wellbeing. Kabale University School of Medicine operates in a unique environment of; committed, well-motivated staff, good infrastructure, conducive policies and good governance.

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Programme Code Category Duration Study time
Bachelor of Anaesthesia and Critical Care Medicine (Completion) KANC Bachelor’s Degrees 2 Years Fulltime
Bachelor of Anaesthesia and Critical Care Medicine (Direct & Ordinary Diploma Entry) KAN Bachelor’s Degrees 4 Years Fulltime
Bachelor of Environmental Health Science KHS Bachelor’s Degrees 3 Years Weekend
Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (both Direct and Diploma Entry) KMS Bachelor’s Degrees 5 Years Fulltime
Bachelor of Nursing Science (Diploma Holders) KND Bachelor’s Degrees 3 Years Weekend
Bachelor of Nursing Science (Direct Entrants) KNS Bachelor’s Degrees 4 Years Fulltime
Diploma in Anaesthesia ANK Undergraduate Diplomas 2 Years Fulltime
Diploma in Environmental Health Science EHK Undergraduate Diplomas 2 Years Weekend
Diploma in Health Services Management HSK Undergraduate Diplomas 1 Year Weekend
Diploma in Medical Records Management MRK Undergraduate Diplomas 2 Years Fulltime
Master of Medicine in Surgery MMED:Surgery Master’s Degrees 3 Years Fulltime
Master of Medicine: Obstetrics and Gynaecology MMED:Obs Master’s Degrees 3 Years Fulltime
Master of Medicine: Paediatrics and Child Health MMED:Pae Master’s Degrees 3 Years Fulltime
Master of Public Health MPH Master’s Degrees 2 Years Weekend

Staff members

Prof. James K Tumwine

PhD (Child Health),MMed-Paediatrics and Child Health, MBChB. View Profile

Prof. John C Lule

View Profile

Prof. Everd Maniple Bikaitwoha

Associate Dean/Professor - Public Health
PhD Health Systems Research (RCSI), MPH (MAK), MBChB (MAK) View Profile

Prof. Yovan Begumya Ruhonoka

MBChB; BSc. View Profile

Assoc Prof. Peter Etim Ekanem

Associate Professor - Anatomy
PhD, MSc, MBA, BSc View Profile

Dr Sam Tumwesigire

Senior Lecturer
(MMED); MBChB View Profile

Dr. Eze Ejike Daniel

Senior Lecturer
PhD (Human Physiology) - Ahmadu Bello University (Nigeria); M.Sc (Human Physiology) - Ahmadu Bello University (Nigeria); B.Sc (Human Physiology) - Ahmadu Bello University. (Nigeria). View Profile

Dr. Ainamani Elvis Herbert

Senior Lecturer - Clinical Psychology
PhD (Trauma-related Mental Health Disorders): MA. Counselling Psychology; Bachelor of Arts; Diploma in Child and Adolescent Mental Health. View Profile

Dr. Isabella Epiu

Senior Lecturer - Anaesthesia
MBChB (MUK), MMed (MUK), NIH Global Health Fellow (UCGHI), PhD (UNSW) View Profile

Dr. Rodney Mwesigye Mugarura

Senior Lecturer-Orthopaedic Surgery
MMed Ortho (MAK) MBchB (MAK) View Profile

Dr. Sebastian Olikira Baine

Senior Lecturer-Community Health
View Profile

Dr. Mugarura Robert

Senior Lecturer
MBA, MMED (Surgery); MBChB View Profile

Dr. Nkiru Okafor Christina

Senior Lecturer-Nursing Science
PhD Nursing (NAU); M.Sc. Nursing (UNN); B.SC Nursing (UNN); RHPN, (UNN) RN, RM View Profile

Prof. Mario Edgar Fernandez Diaz

Senior Lecturer - Anatomy
Doctor in Medicine. Universidad Medica de la Habana. Cuba. Specialist of first grade in Human Anatomy. Universidad Medica dela Habana. Cuba. View Profile

Dr. Agnes Kasede Napyo

Senior Lecturer - Nursing Science
PhD (University of Bergen, Norway), MPH (Uganda Christian University), BSc Nursing (Makerere University) View Profile

Dr. Ismail Abiola Adebayo

Senior Lecturer - Microbiology
PhD Molecular and Cellular Biology (USM, Malaysia); BSc Microbiology (UNILORIN, Nigeria) View Profile

Alex Tumusiime

Lecturer - Child Health
MSc International Child Health, (UCL, Uk) BSc Nursing (MuK) Diploma in Nursing (MSNM) View Profile

Dr. Andrew Baguma

PhD Medical Microbiology MSc Medical Microbiology Bachelor of Biomedical Laboratory View Profile

Dr. Keneth Iceland Kasozi

BVM, MSc (Uganda), MIAH (UoE, UK), CHECT (Japan), Ph.D. Candidate (UoE, UK) View Profile

Kabami Jane

Masters of Public Health,Bachelors in Nursing Science. View Profile

Dr. Nwankwo Mercy Chinenye

PhD Public Health (JKUAT, Kenya), M Sc. Epidemiology (University of Rwanda), B Sc. Nursing (Public Health) (University of Nigeria Enugu Campus) View Profile

Dr. Denis Pliers Tusingwire

Lecturer - Ophthalmology
View Profile

Dr. Geoffrey Ayebazibwe

M.Sc. Pharmacology, MUST; MBChB, MUST; PGDCT ,Universite Montpellier. View Profile

Dr. Sadic Kagwa Kakembo

Master of medicine(Anesthesia)-MUST-2015, Bachelor of Medicine & Surgery- MUST-2009 View Profile

Dr. Siyadora Ankunda

FPHO(MakCHS) MMed Paed (MUST) MBChB(MUK) View Profile

Alex Mwesigwa Mugisha

View Profile

Dr. Eugene Ogwang


Dr. Lazia Najjuma

Lecturer - Anaesthesia
View Profile

Dr. Ariho Samuel Bona


Dr. Daniel Asiimwe

View Profile

Dr. Patrick Saasita Kambale

Lecturer-Internal Medicine
View Profile

Dr. Daniel Matovu

Lecturer Pharmacology
Msc. Clinical Pharmacology& Experimental Therapeutics(MUST); PhD (U.Penn & Unifesp) View Profile

Dr. Jacob Nkwanga

Lecturer-Internal Medicine
View Profile

Dr. Favour Naome Kyomugasho

MBChB (MUST), MMED(MUST) View Profile

Dr. Edward Turitwenka

Msc Audiology (Manchester UK), MMed (Mak), DTM&H (London), MBchB (Mak) View Profile

Dr. Baluku Moris

MMED - Anaesthesia; MBChB View Profile

Dr. Kibedi B Cabral

Lecturer (Bio-Chemistry)
PhD (Biochemistry & Molecular Medicine, Cardiff University, UK), MSc(1st Class), M.MGT(1st Class), PGDE, BSc(Hons). View Profile

Mfitumukiza Valence

MNS (Critical Care ); BNS; Dip. Health Sciences Mgt; General Nursing View Profile

Munezero Tamu John Bosco

Certificate in Fundamentals of Implementation science (University of Washington); MNS -Critical Care Specialty(MUST); MPH(KIU); DHSM(KAB); BNS(MUST), cert. in Competence Based training, View Profile

Dr. Nduhukire Timothy

MMED, CDC-MakSPH Fellowship in Continuous Quality Improvement ( Fellow ), MBChB View Profile

Dr. Bukwirwa .W. Henry

MMED (UoN) ; MBChB(MUK) View Profile

Dr. Daniel Izimba

View Profile

Dr. Muhimbura Emmanuel

MMED (Pathology); MBChB View Profile

Dr. Walaka Posiano

MMED-Pathology; MBChB View Profile

Dr. Nyanzi Daniel James


Dr. Gumisiriza Nolbert

MBChB (MUST); MMED-Psychiatry (MAK) ; DPPM (UMI); PhD (University of Antwerp) View Profile

Dr. Masembe Sezalio

MMED - OBs&Gyn; MBChB FELLOWSHIP-REI(MacMaster University, Canada) View Profile

Dr. Tumwine Christopher

Lecturer-Medical Sociology
PhD Social research in Health; Master of Dev. Mgt; MA. Sociology; BA. View Profile

Dr. Odongo Leo

MMED(Obstetrics and Gynaecology); MMED (Dermatology); MBChB View Profile

Irene Mukenya Mutuku

Assistant Lecturer
MSc. Medical Microbiology; BSc. Medical Microbiology View Profile

Namuyimbwa Lydia

Assistant Lecturer
MSc. Physiology; BSc. Nursing View Profile

Susan Asiimwe

Assistant Lecturer
View Profile

Sunday Samuel Dare

Assistant Lecturer
M.Sc Human Anatomy; B.Sc. Human Anatomy; Cert. Digital Education Masterclass; Cert. Fundamental of Neuroscience; Cert. HIV Basics, M & E Frameworks HIV/AIDS Program; Cert. Mother-to-Child Transmission of HIV; Cert. Proficiency in Management (Chartered) View Profile

Dr. Byamukama Topher

Assistant Lecturer
PhD (Population Health),MPH; Bsc. Env't Health Scie.; Dip. Health Services mgt View Profile

Ninsiima Herbert Izo

Assistant Lecturer
MSc in Physiology; BSc in Physiology; Dip. Clinical Medicine View Profile

Idah Kalani Sunday

Assistant Registrar
MAPAM(Student); BAS View Profile

Mandera Immaculate

Assistant Lecturer

Echoru Isaac

Assistant Lecturer
MSc. Anatomy (KIU), BMLS (MUST), Dual PhD candidate (Integrative Biomedical Sciences), Zhejiang university and university of Edinburgh View Profile

Tirwomwe Michael

Assistant Lecturer
MSc. Biochemistry; BSc. Ed. (Chem & Bio); Dip.PHD View Profile

Nabirumbi Ritah

Assistant Lecturer
MSc. Pharmacology; BSc. Pharmacology; Diploma in clinical medicine & community health View Profile

Kirimuhuzya Claude

Assistant Lecturer
MSocSc Health Research Ethics, MSc. Pharmacology; BSc. Dip Educ, Cert PAM View Profile

Mwesigwa Alex

Assistant Lecturer
Ph.D. Fellow, MSc, BBLT (MAK) View Profile

Emmanuel Ategeka

Teaching Assistant (Clinical Instructor)
View Profile

Joan Namara

Assistant Administrative Officer
View Profile

Armlet Kwesiga Benson

Assistantant Administrative Officer
View Profile

Turyasingura Jane Byabagambi

Teaching Assistant
Ba Medical Education (Nursing); Dip. Health Services Mgt; Dip. Diagnostic Ultra Sound View Profile

Peace Muhamire

Assistantant Administrative Officer
Bsc.Agric Msc.Agronomy student View Profile

Sedita Atorainwe

Library Clerk
BLIS (KAB); DLIS (KAB) View Profile

Kenyange Grace Annet

Senior Assistant Technician (Nursing Skills Lab)
Bachelor’s in Medical Education,Diploma in Health Service Mgt,Enrolled Nursing Certificate. View Profile

Joseph Kamugisha

Assistant Technician (Microbiology)
View Profile

Edson Kamwebaze

Assistant Technician-Anatomy
View Profile

David Ariganyira

Assistant Technician-Biochemistry
View Profile

Amos Nkundizana Munyaneza

Assistant Technician-Physiology
View Profile

Twahebwa Edidah

Nursing Officer
Diploma in Midwifery View Profile

Atwijukire Osbert

Assistant Technician( Mortuary)
Dip. Mortuary Science; Cert. Nursing View Profile

Kirungi Betty

Assistant Records Officer
BA. RIM, Dip. RM, Cert. RM, Cert. Secretarial Studies; Cert. Comp.; O'Level View Profile

Olupot James Peter

Senior AssistantTechnician (Pathology)
Dip. Medical Lab. (MLT-Jinja) BMLS (MUST) View Profile

Birungi Kenneth

Senior Assistant Technician (Anatomy)
Dip. Lab. Tech View Profile

Visiting Scholars

Dr. Matthew Nwokike

Senior Lecturer (Visiting Scholar)
MSc, Ph.D. (Pharmacology): Department of Pharmacology and Therapeutics, College of Medicine, University of Nigeria, Enugu, Nigeria. View Profile


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Dr. Nyanzi Daniel1,3, Edson Twinamatsiko2, Caroline Birungi3, Teta Joana3, Dr. Daniel Atwine3 January, 2022
Dr. BUKWIRWA Henry, PI, Dr. Baluku Morris, Dr. Kagawa Sadic, Karwemera Frank November, 2021 → March, 2022
Dr. Nyanzi Daniel James, MMED ENT1, Dr. Atwine Daniel, PhD2, Dr. Turyasingura Godwin, MMED-OBGY, MA. Demography1 August, 2021
Mutuku Irene, Kinyi Hellen Wambui, Kirimuhuzya Claude, Tirwomwe Michael, Dr. Simon Peter Musinguzi, Prof. Everd Maniple December, 2020
Dr Nathan Nshakira; Mesharch W. Katusiimeh September, 2020 → September, 2021
Dr. Timothy Nduhuhire [Principal Investigator], Dr. Nafiu Lukman Abiodun [Co-Investigator], Dr. George Stanley Kinyata [Co-Investigator] , Assoc. Prof. Caleb Tamwesigire [Co-Investigator]. June, 2020 → July, 2021
Dr. Godwin Turyasingura (Project Leader), Professor John C. Lule (Associate Project Leader) Dr. Dale Mugisha, Dr. Masembe Sezalio, and Dr. James Ojom are principal trainers.   December, 2019
Daniel J Nyanzi, MMED1,2, 5, Daniel Atwine, PhD2,5, Ronald Kamoga, MSc4, Caroline Birungi, MSc2, Caroline A Nansubuga, MBChB3, Victoria Nyaiteera, MMED5, Doreen Nakku, MMED5 December, 2017 → December, 2018

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