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Dr. Bernard Bazirake Bamuhiiga
University Librarian

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Kabale University Mukombe Library is located on Kikungiri Campus in the Southern Division of Kabale Municipality, Kabale District. The library serves the University Community and the Public.

Mukombe Library aims at achieving the University objectives which are to support Teaching and Learning, Research, and Community outreach. These objectives are achieved through the provision of a well-managed information stock and a tranquil study environment.

The library has a collection of both hard and soft forms of information source materials. There are 10990 hard copies, which include books and periodicals. The University also collects and subscribes to, electronic resources to access full-text journals, company information, e-books, reference books, economic data, digital images, industry profiles, market research and career information in electronic form. The on-shelf hard copies and e-resources cover a range of disciplines including basic sciences, health sciences, applied sciences, education, arts and humanities, and social sciences. These resources can be accessed and utilised either within or outside the library.

The Library offers a range of services including Information Provision and Reference, Internet and E-Resource, Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC), Patron Administration, Charging and Discharging, Current Awareness Service (CAS), Selective Dissemination of Information (SDI), User Education, Information Retrieval and Dissemination, Reprographic Service, Binding and Repairs.

Duties & Responsibilities

The Library fulfills its mandate through continuous:

  • Acquisition of information source materials through purchase and receiving donations
  • Processing of newly received materials by recording, cataloging and classification
  • Organizing library collections by arranging them in an order that facilitates location, access and retrieval.
  • Stock-taking, which is normally done to have a record of library stock so as to have information on lost stock, obsolete stock, up-to-date stock and discipline strengths.

The library has continued to expand both physically and electronically. It is now in the initial stages of extending library services to Nyabikoni campus and School of Medicine. In the foreseeable future, book banks or resource centers or branch libraries shall be established in faculties, schools, and institutes.

As part of the furtherance of easy access to e-resources and physical material information resources, the University Library service fully embraces ICT in all its operations and service delivery. The target is a full-fledged digital library where the physical library acts as a strong backup.


Staff members

Dr. Bernard Bazirake Bamuhiiga

University Librarian
Ph.D. (Johannes Kepla), M.Sc.I.Sc. (Addis Ababa), PGD. Lib. (MAK), B.A.SS (MAK), Dip.Lib. (MAK) View Profile

Odong Patrick

PhD (Information Science) candidate (MAK): MIT Nkumba University, BLIS UCU and DLIS KYU View Profile

Michael Mutebi

Systems Administrator
Bsc. Computer Science (MAK) View Profile

Mwesigye Kenneth

Library Assistant
MSc. Info. Scie.; BLIS View Profile

Christopher Twesigye

Library Assistant
View Profile

Atuha Peter

Library Assistant
MIS (KAB) Candidate; BLIS (KAB) View Profile

Asiimwe Editor

Library Assistant
BLIS(KAB), MIS(KAB) Candidate View Profile

Natukunda Elizabeth

Library Assistant
MIS- CAND (KAB); BLIS (KAB) View Profile

Isingoma Fenekansi

Library Assistant
BLIS View Profile

Niwagaba Mackly

Library Assistant

Ayesiga Stella

Library Assistant
BLIS View Profile

Twinamasiko Emmanuel

Library Assistant
BLIS (UCU) View Profile

Kembabazi Prudence

Library Assistant
MLIS (CAND.) BLIS; Dip. LIS; Cert. LIS View Profile

Kyomugisha Racheal

Assistant Administrative Officer
BA. Secret Studies & Office Mgt View Profile

Atwebembeire Jerome

Library Assistant
MLIS Candidate (UCU), BLIS (Mak) View Profile

Birungi Cleophas

Library Assistant
MIS (KAB) candidate, BLIS (KAB), DLIS (KAB). View Profile

Niyonsaba Innocent

Library Assistant

Ensikweri Medard

Library Assistant
MIS candidate (KAB) BLIS ( KAB) View Profile

Namara Phiona

Asistant Librarian
MLIS (UCU-Mukono), BLIS(KAB) View Profile

Kagwa Andrew

Library Clerk
DLIS(KYU),BLS(KAB) View Profile

Muhanguzi Shadrach

Library Clerk
BLIS,(KAB) DLIS (KAB) View Profile

Arahe Glorious Turahe

Library Assistant
DLIS,BLIS(KAB),BED (MUK) ,D.EDUC (secondary) (KYU) View Profile

Sedita Atorainwe

Library Clerk
BLIS (KAB); DLIS (KAB) View Profile


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