Faculty of Engineering, Technology, Applied Design and Fine Art

Assoc Prof. Lawrence Muhwezi
Faculty Dean

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The Faculty of Engineering, Technology, Applied Design & Fine Art recruited professional teaching staff and regularly reviews programmes to meet the demands of the job market and cope with changing technologies.

The Faculty continues to improve infrastructure, equipment, and machinery to equip our students with hands-on skills. The Faculty has developed practical and functioning student projects, some of which are usually exhibited on the University Annual Open Days, and at National and Regional Exhibitions.

To advance relevant knowledge and professional skills in research, environment, technology, applied design and fine art by training skilled engineers, designers and technicians for sustainable development to lifelong learning and community service

To be a World Class Centre for Engineering Innovations, Technology Transfer and Applied Design in Great Lakes Region and Beyond

Career Opportunities:
Engineers and designers may be employed in various fields such as government ministries and authorities; international and local NGOs; industries and factories; air, water, and land transportation; construction companies; consultancy firms; petroleum and energy sectors; research and development; culture and heritage organization; or tutors/lecturers in institutions of learning.

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Programme Code Category Duration Study time
Bachelor of Applied Design and Fine Art KDA Bachelor’s Degrees 3 Years Fulltime
Bachelor of Civil Engineering (Direct and Diploma Entry) KCE Bachelor’s Degrees 4 Years Fulltime
Bachelor of Electrical Engineering (Direct and Diploma Entry) KEE Bachelor’s Degrees 4 Years Fulltime
Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering (Direct and Diploma Entry) KME Bachelor’s Degrees 4 Years Fulltime
Diploma in Civil Engineering (Direct and Certificate Entry) CEK Undergraduate Diplomas 2 Years Fulltime
Diploma in Electrical Engineering (Direct and Certificate Entry) EEK Undergraduate Diplomas 2 Years Fulltime
Diploma in Mechanical Engineering (Direct and Certificate Entry) MEK Undergraduate Diplomas 2 Years Fulltime
Master of Applied Design and Fine Art ADM Master’s Degrees 2 Years Fulltime/Weekend
Postgraduate Diploma in Construction Management PCM Postgraduate Diplomas 1 Year Weekend

Staff members

Assoc. Prof. Moses Nduhira Twesigye-omwe

Associate Professor
Ph.D. (Mak), MSc Civil Eng (University of Dublin), MSc (Mak), HD Civil Eng (UPK), OD Civil Eng (UPK), BSc (Mak). View Profile

Assoc Prof. Lawrence Muhwezi

Associate Professor-Construction Management
View Profile

Dr. Kayamba Kariti William

Senior Lecturer
PhD Fine Art (Ceramics); MA. Ceramics; PGDE Fine Art; BA Fine Art View Profile

Dr. Mike Nandala

Senior Lecturer - Graphic Design
PhD (NU); MA.CIAD (NU), BA.CIAD (NU) View Profile

Musaazi Pascal Ssenkindu

MSc. Env't Eng.; AP Dip. (Refrigeration Eng.); Higher Dip. in ME; Dip. in ME View Profile

Dr. Deo Nsamba

PhD in Art & Design(Practical Based); MA. Industrial Art & Design; PGDE; B. Commercial, industrial Art and Design; Dip. Art & Design View Profile

Michael Nnamdi Irechukwu

Assistant Lecturer
MSc(DSM), BSc(DSM): View Profile

Stella Kizanye

Assistant Lecturer
Master of science in Railway Engineering ( Rolling Stock ) Addis Ababa University -2020 Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical)-Ndejje University-2017 View Profile

Isaac Kitone

Assistant Lecturer-Electrical Engineering
MSc Eng University of Leeds (UoL) 2007; BSc Elec Eng (MAK) 2001 View Profile

Guloba Fatumah Mugoya

Assistant Lecturer
M. A. Fine Art ,PGD. Education ,Bachelor Industrial Fine Art View Profile

Samuel Kakuba

Assistant Lecturer-Computer Engineering
Ph.D Scholar-EEEng(KNU); MSc. DCSEng(MUK); BSc. CompEng(BstU). View Profile

Kamugisha Edward Ssajjabbi

Assistant Lecturer
MAID (KYU), BED (UCU), DIP. ED (KYU), Cert. Photo. (NYIP) View Profile

Evelyn Ntinyari

Assistant Lecturer, Interior Design / Landscaping & Soft Furnishing
M. Interior Design; BA.Interior Design View Profile

Atwakyire Moses

Assistant Lecturer
Ph.D. Scholar of Mechanical and Vehicle Engineering (2021 to date); Hunan University,  People's Republic of China (PRC). Master's degree in Public Administration (2021-2023); University of International Business and Economics (UIBE), People's Republic of China (PRC). Masters of Engineering Industrial Engineering (2015-2017); Hunan University, People's Republic of China (PRC).  View Profile

Ndawula Isaac

Assistant Lecturer
MSc Eng. (E-JUST); BSc Eng. (BU) View Profile

Tukwatse Dun Birekyeraho

Assistant Lecturer-Geotechnical Eng.
MEng Geotech Eng. View Profile

Mugyema Morris

Assistant Lecturer-Power Systems
MSc. Railway Engineering (Electrical System); BSc. Electrical Engineering (Power Systems) View Profile

Tumusiime Agnes

Assistant Registrar
MAPAM; BOIM; Dip. Sec Ed, Cert.in Admin. Law View Profile

Cartland Richard

Assistant Lecturer
PhD candidate in Renewable Energy studies University of Rwanda MSc. Renewable.Energy (Mak); BTTE (Kyu); DIP.SEC.ED (ITEK) View Profile

Wanjoli Paul

Assistant Lecturer
MSc. Power Supply & High Voltage; BSc. EE View Profile

Samuel Sengo Mushakangoma

Assistant Lecturer
View Profile

Philip Tibenderana

Assistant Lecturer
MSc. Water Mgt (Community Water and Sanitation); BSc. Civil Eng. View Profile

Samuel Tashobya

Assistant Lecturer-Highways & Structural Engineering
View Profile

Sekajja Kakeebe Robert

Assistant Lecturer
PhD student (MAK)-Full Admission MSc. Renewable.Energy; B.Eng.APE MSc RET(MAK), B Eng (Kyu): View Profile

Nabongo Richard

Assistant Lecturer
M. Com., Industrial Art & Design; B. Industrial & Fine Arts; Dip. Ed. View Profile

Musika Justus Lucky

Assistant Lecturer
M. Com. Industrial Art & Design (NU); B. Industrial & Fine Arts (MAK); Dip. Ed. (KYU); Cert. ITE & CompTIA - CISCO (MAK) View Profile

Ferdinand Nduwayo

Assistant Lecturer- Civil Engineering
MSc(Eng)(Leeds University) - Structural Engineering; BSc(University of Burundi) - Civil Engineering View Profile

Meron Tusiime

Assistant Lecturer-Telecommunication & Electronics Enginering
MSC (UABT); BSC (UABT) View Profile

Simon Alex Atwiine

Assistant ICT Officer
MSc.CSC; BSc.CSC (Mak) View Profile

Esau Turyamureeba

Teaching Assistant - Land Surveying
MSc. GIS & RS (Cand.); MSc. CE (Cand.); BSc. SLIS (KYU - 2010); Dip. ED (Maths / Physical) View Profile

Mike Mashemererwa

Teaching Assistant - Fine Art
View Profile

Dan Byamukama

Teaching Assistant - Civil Engineering
Dip Civil Eng. (KAB), BSC (KAB) View Profile

George Musingye

Assistant Administrative Officer
View Profile

Julius Asiimwe

Teaching Assistant - Electrical Engineering
BSc. Electrical Engineering (Power Systems) (KAB) View Profile

Simon Mugisha

Teaching Assistant - Electrical Engineering
MSc.EE(Power Systems)(KIU)(Candidate); BEE(Power Systems)(KAB) View Profile

Gideon Rutaraka

Teaching Assistant - Mechanical Engineering
BME(KAB) View Profile

Edward Kabagambe

Teaching Assistant - Mechanical Engineering
Bachelor of Mechanical engineering (KAB) View Profile

Jonan Bainomugisha

Teaching Assistant - Civil Engineering
B. ENG. CIVIL ( KAB ) ; Dip. WATER ENG ( UTC) View Profile

Ahimbisibwe Collins

Teaching Assistant - Applied Design & Fine Art

Twine Usito Bakesigaki

Teaching Assistant
MSc. TID(Makerere University) View Profile

Akatukwasa Pheonah GMUIPE

Teaching Assistant
MSc-MAK, PGD(CPM)-MAK, BEng. Civil-NDU, BVoc(CE) KYU View Profile

Masamba Pinto

Senior Assistant Technician (Civil)
B Eng. Civil (KAB) Dip. Civil Eng (UTC) View Profile

Oonyu Robert

Senior AssistantTechnician (Electrical)
B. Science Technology; Dip. Electrical View Profile

Tumusiime Jennifer Getrude

Office Assistant

Kangala Elly Kasajja

Assistant Inventory Management Officer
Dip. SMS; Cert. PSM View Profile

Barenti Denis Bruno

Senior Assistant Technician (Mechanical)
B.Sc. MME; Dip. ME View Profile

Visiting Scholars

Dr. Busari Ayobami Adebola

Senior Lecturer (Visiting Scholar)
Civil Engineering (Transportation and Highway Engineering) View Profile

Dr. Abdulkadir Taofeeq Sholagberu

Senior Lecturer (Visiting Scholar)
Civil Engineering (Water Resources & Environmental Engineering) View Profile

Dr. Terseer Ako

Lecturer (Visiting Scholar)
Civil Engineering (Highway & Transportation Engineering) View Profile



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