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Assoc Prof. Katusiimeh Mesharch. Walto
Faculty Dean

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The faculty of Social Sciences is one of the best in the Great Lakes Region with top professors and Lecturers. We offer high-quality undergraduate, master’s, and Doctorate degrees approved by the Uganda National Council for Higher Education (NCHE).

The Faculty of Social Sciences currently comprises 5 Departments namely; Department of Social Work and Social Administration, Department of Governance, Department of Sociology, Department of Culture and Heritage Studies and Department of Psychology.

This Faculty brings together experts in political science, sociology, international relations, phycology, social work, social administration, Cultural Heritage Studies and public policy to deliver teaching and research. The Faculty’s research in Social Sciences is internationally rated. We host major research workshops and international conferences. Our students and staff also benefit from excellent links with key international organizations and institutions.

The Faculty is involved in several internationally funded research projects and consulting for many government, non-governmental and international projects and programs. In that regard, the Faculty plays a vital role in shaping public policy.

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Programme Code Category Duration Study time
Bachelor of Arts in Social Sciences BSS Bachelor’s Degrees 3 Years Fulltime
Bachelor of Public Administration and Management KPA Bachelor’s Degrees 3 Years Fulltime
Bachelor of Social Work and Social Administration KSW Bachelor’s Degrees 3 Years Fulltime/Weekend
Diploma in Public Administration and Management PAK Undergraduate Diplomas 2 Years Fulltime
Diploma in Social Work and Social Administration SWK Undergraduate Diplomas 2 Years Fulltime
Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Public Administration and Management (By Coursework and Research) PHDPAM-CW&R Doctoral Degrees 3 Years Weekend
Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Public Administration and Management (By Research) PHDPAM- R Doctoral Degrees 3 Years Weekend
Master of Institutional Governance and Leadership MIGL Master’s Degrees 2 Years Weekend
Master of Monitoring and Evaluation MME Master’s Degrees 2 Years Weekend
Master of Public Administration & Management MAPAM Master’s Degrees 2 Years Weekend
Master of Social Work MSW Master’s Degrees 2 Years Weekend
Postgraduate Diploma in Institutional Leadership and Governance PDLG Postgraduate Diplomas 1 Year Weekend
Postgraduate Diploma in Monitoring and Evaluation PGDME Postgraduate Diplomas 1 Year Weekend
Postgraduate Diploma in Public Administration and Management PGDPAM Postgraduate Diplomas 1 Year Weekend

Staff members

Prof. Natal Ayiga

PhD. Pop. Stud.; M.A. Demography; B.A. SS View Profile

Prof. Sabiti Makara

Professor - Governance
View Profile

Assoc Prof. Edward Bantu

Associate Professor
PhD Psychology(Egerton University ), MED -Guidance and counselling (Egerton University), PGDE (Egerton University) BTH (Bugema university) certificate in trauma recovery -USA. View Profile

Assoc Prof. Katusiimeh Mesharch. Walto

Associate Professor
PhD Urban Governance. (Wageningen University),M. Pub. Admin. (MAK),B. Arts (MAK) View Profile

Dr. Mucunguzi Abel

Senior Lecturer
PhD Pol. & Social Sciences (Pub. Admin., Pub. Policy & Governance); M. Pub. Policy & Mgt; Admin. Law; B. Arts View Profile

Dr. Barigye Godfrey

Senior Lecturer
PhD (Interdisciplinary Training and Research (MUST-2017); Masters of Arts in Public Administration and Management (Mak-2007); Bachelor of Arts-(Mak-2005), Diploma in Education Secondary (ITEK-2002), Certificate in Administrative Law (LDC-2007) View Profile

Dr Jackson Tumwine

View Profile

Dr. Oketch Chrisostom

PhD. Public Manag't & Admin.; Ma. Public Admin.; Ma. HRM; Ba. Public Admin. View Profile

Dr. Charles Kiiza Wamara

Lecturer-Social Work
PhD Örebro University (Sweden), MSW (UK), MSS (Denmark), PGDHRM (UMI), BSWASA (MUK). View Profile

Dr. Chama Julius

Ph.D UDOM - Tanzania, M.A (ETPM) Makerere, B.A(S.S) Makerere, U.A.C.E; U.C.E View Profile

Dr. Mary Baremirwe Bekoreire

Lecturer - Governance
Doctor of Philosophy in Political Science (Kisii University), MPA (IUIU), BASS (MUK) View Profile

Dr. Karuhanga Samuel

Lecturer - Psychology
PhD Psychology; MA. Counselling Psychology; BA. Community Psychology View Profile

Dr. Mugisha Abbas

Lectuter - Political Science
PhD Arts (Human Geography) (OUT) MA. Inter. Rel & Diplo. Std (MAK); PGDHRM (IUIU); BASS (IUIU) View Profile

Naris Ninsiima

Assistant Lecturer - Governance
PhDPAM (Student) KAB, 2020, MAPAM (KAB. 2014), BSES (MAK. 2010) View Profile

Jedras Mpirirwe

Assistant Lecturer - Monitoring & Evaluation
View Profile

Uwimana Annah Besigye

Assistant Lecturer
MSc. Counselling Psychology; BA. SWASA; Dip. Counselling; Dip. Sec. Teaching View Profile

Kusiima Lillian Lukumu

Assistant Lecturer - Governance
MA. PAM; BASS View Profile

Mbabazi Ruth

Assistant Lecturer - Social Work
MSW(UCU), BSWSA(KAB), CERT Higher Education Teaching View Profile

Niwagaba Dickens

Assistant Lecturer
View Profile

Mugisha Gideon

Assistant Lecturer
- Doctor of social work ( candidate ) (CUEA) - Master of Social Work MSW( UCU) - Bachelor of Social Work and Social Admin SWSA (Kab Uni) View Profile

Aryeija Warren

Assistant Lecturer
M.A (Sociology); B.A View Profile

Adebayo Sanni Tajudeen

PhD. Development Studies (in View); Master of Social Work(MSW); Bachelor Degree in Social Studies (Bsc ed); Cert. Int. Peacekeeping and Conflict Resol.; Cert. Africa: Sustainable Develop.; Cert. Char. & Virtue Ethics in Ed.; Cert. Managing People: Engaging Your Workforce; Cert. Occupational Health in Develop. Countries; Cert. ToT; Cert. Fundraising Essentials; Cert. Grant Seeking Essentials View Profile

Mugavu George

Assistant Lecturer -Governance
PhD-Candidate,(KAB),M.A .PSM(KYU) , BA. SS (First class),(KYU) View Profile

Nalusiba Juliet

Assistant Academic Registrar
MAHRM (KAB); BRAM(Mak) View Profile

Nankabirwa Ruth

Assistant Administrative Officer
Bachelor of Social work & Social Admin,Diploma in Secretarial Studies. View Profile

Donisian Hategekimana

Teaching Assistant
MSW (UCU), BSWS (KAB), CAL (LDC) View Profile

Visiting Scholars

Dr. Roger Klomegah

Assoc Professor
View Profile


Wamara, K.C., Twikirize, J . (2023) . Indigenizing Social Work with Older People in Africa: Issues, Trends, and Implications for Practice . In: Majumdar, K., Baikady, R., D'Souza, A.A., Majumdar, K., Baikady, R., D'Souza, A.A. (eds) Indigenization Discourse in Social Work. Springer Series in International Social Work. Springer, Cham. https://doi.org/10.1007/978-3-031-37712-9_18. Switzerland: Springer, pp. 299 - 317. Available at: https://link.springer.com/chapter/10.1007/978-3-031-37712-9_18#citeas
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Mesharch Katusiimeh; Boaz Nabimanya September, 2020
Dr Nathan Nshakira; Mesharch W. Katusiimeh September, 2020 → September, 2021
Martin Baluku,Prof. Dr. Kathleen Otto, Prof. Dr. Katrin Allmendinger,Steffen Schummer, Bantu Edward, Peter Onderi, February, 2017 → February, 2019
Benon. C. Basheka January, 2007 → January, 2017

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Student's Research


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