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Professor Joy Constance Kwesiga
Vice Chancellor

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The key purpose of this office is to provide academic and administrative leadership to the University for the effective management and efficient use of human and fiscal resources in compliance with the law, University Regulations and Strategic Plan. She is the Chief Executive Officer of the University. Section 31 of the University and Other Tertiary Institutions Act of 2001 as amended provides that the Vice Chancellor is responsible for the academic, administrative and financial affairs of the University and in the absence of a Chancellor presides at ceremonial assemblies of the University and confer degrees and other academic titles and distinctions of the University.

The Vice Chancellor is directly responsible to the University Council, through its Chairperson.   As a leader of the Management Team of the University, the Vice Chancellor is responsible directly for the Deputy Vice Chancellor/ Academic Affairs, Deputy Vice Chancellor/ Finance and Administration, University Secretary, Academic Registrar, University Librarian, Dean of Students, Director/ Internal Audit and Religious Leaders – As provided in the Constitution.  Indirectly, the Vice Chancellor is responsible for the University Bursar, Deans of Faculties or Schools and Directors of Institutes, Colleges or other academic bodies.

Duties & Responsibilities

Policy and Planning Formulation

  • Spearheads and co-ordinates the development and review of policies, strategic plans and other interventions designed to achieve growth, academic and professional excellence in University programs.

Management and Fiscal Control

  • As the Chief Executive of the University is responsible for maintaining efficiency, effectiveness and good governance of the University.
  • Provides efficient leadership to the University through coordinating the effective implementation of strategic management plans and Council decisions.
  • Directs and supervises the Senior Management Team responsible for the academic, financial and administrative functions of the University and monitors their performance in line with the prescribed performance
  • Mobilizes both internal and external resources necessary for the implementation of the University policies, plans and programs.
  • Oversees the acquisition and fair allocation of resource to various University academic bodies and administrative

Responsibility to Council

  • Is a Member of the University Council and presents the University position and recommendations on various issues and challenges requiring Council intervention as prescribed by law.
  • Causes to be prepared and submits specific reports to Council as instructed.
  • Responsible to the Council for the general conduct and discipline of University staff and students.

Responsibility to Senate

  • As Chairperson of the Senate, directs the implementation of Senate decisions.

External Liaison

  • Represents the University externally in order to promote awareness and understanding of the University mission, objectives, policies and programs.
  • Key spokesperson of the University on all matters.

Leadership Profile

Professor Joy Constance Kwesiga (PhD, London) is the current Vice Chancellor of Kabale University.  She is the first female Vice Chancellor in Uganda. She is an experienced academician, University Administrator and Social Development Analyst and a renowned gender and Women advocate and mentor. She has had an enviable privilege of combining academic work with women’s rights activist work. She has been a Professor of Gender Studies and the Vice Chancellor of Kabale University since November 2005 to date. She oversaw the transformation of Kabale University from a private community University to a Public University (since 2015). Even when Kabale University was a private University, she effectively steered it to attain an Operating Licence in 2005, and University Charter in 2014.

Previously, Professor Kwesiga served at various ranks as a University Administrator at Makerere University, rising from the ranks to the level of Deputy Academic Registrar.  She then switched to the academic arena, serving as the Head of the Department of Women and Gender Studies at the same University. She then became the Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences at Makerere University.

Professor Kwesiga also was the founding Head of the Gender Mainstreaming Division of the Academic Registrar’s Department at Makerere University.  The goal of the Gender Mainstreaming Programme was to make the institution all-inclusive, and Professor Kwesiga was able to lay its foundation.

 Professor Kwesiga has B.A. (University of East Africa); a first class postgraduate diploma in Public Administration (Institute of Public Administration-IPA Uganda), a Master’s degree in Higher and Further Education (London), and a Ph.D in Education (London).   She has attended numerous short courses in research, gender studies, management, financial management; leadership, academic writing, advocacy, resource mobilisation, and others.

Professor Kwesiga has served as a reviewer for different academic bodies, including the African Academy of Sciences, the International Women’s Forum, the Uganda Journal.  She continues to provide this service for the Teaching in Higher Education Journal (UK), and The Uganda Journal of Management and Policy Studies.  Professor Kwesiga continues to promote quality assurance in the academia as external examiner and external vetter for staff promotions of different Universities in Africa.

She has widely researched into the Ugandan society, and has published in the areas of equity in education, gender studies, the African Women’s Movement, civil society, and management.   She has equally carried out consulting work in the same fields.

Joy Kwesiga has served on many educational and research bodies and other related bodies.  Examples include The International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA) and the Organisation for Social Science Research in Eastern Africa (OSSREA); Advisory Board of the Uganda Management Institute Journal on Management,  Mentorship and Empowerment of Young Women in Uganda (MEMPROW), ACFODE Board of Trustees.

Beyond Kabale University, Professor Kwesiga plays a leadership role in the region.  She is the Deputy Chairperson of the Executive Committee of the Inter University Council for East Africa (IUCEA) – (2018-2021).  She is a member of the Uganda National Council for Higher Education (NCHE) – (2019-2022).  She was the Vice Chairperson of the Uganda Vice Chancellors’ Forum (UVCF) – 2015-2017; and still serves on its Executive Committee.

Joy Kwesiga is a founder member of Action for Development (ACFODE) – a national women’s rights organization which resuscitated the Women’s Movement in Uganda during the 1980s and 1990s.  ACFODE actively promoted gender equity in education and politics and registered key achievements.  She was also involved in the formation of the Forum for African Women Educationalists (FAWE), Uganda Chapter, and the revival of the Uganda Association of University Women.   She is a member of the African Women in Research and Development (AAWORD). She is currently a member of the Board of FAWE (Africa).  At the national scene, she is one of the Eminent Women of Uganda, a body responsible for executing the Women’s Situation Room – which worked towards peaceful elections during 2016 General Elections in Uganda and continues to play this role.  This group is part of the African Union Strategy whose goal is to conduct peaceful national elections throughout the Continent.

In continuation of her social development role, Joy Kwesiga is a founding member of KOMAZA (2006) – a Civil Society Organization with headquarters in the Kabale region, whose goal is to empower local communities, especially girls and women, and other disadvantaged members of society.

Joy Kwesiga has won many national awards in recognition of her work, focusing on equity in education, social science research, promotion of girls’ education, the women’s empowerment, service to the community, Uganda Independence Medal and award for personal integrity.

Staff members

Professor Joy Constance Kwesiga

Vice Chancellor
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Kahesi Johnson

Administrative Officer
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Kusiima Lillian Lukumu

Administrative Officer
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Musoke Robinah Susan

Stenographer Secretary
Dip. Gender & Dev't; Cert. Secretarial Studies View Profile

Ainembabazi Florence

Office Assistant
CCA; O'level Cert. View Profile

Kirungi Betty

Office Assistant
Cert. RM (Student), Cert. Secretarial Studies; Cert. Comp.; O'Level View Profile


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