Everd is Ugandan Professor of Public Health and Associate Dean of the School of Medicine at Kabale University. He is a medical doctor (MBChB) with a PhD in Health Systems Research and a Masters degree in Public Health (MPH). He has a teaching and management experience at university level of more than twenty years, having previously served as lecturer, faculty Dean and Vice Chancellor. He has also been a frontline clinician and district health services manager in Uganda, Health Systems Technical Advisor in Uganda, Rwanda and Malawi, researcher, health project manager, and trainer in Uganda, Rwanda and Italy. He has been a consultant and technical advisor for Ministries of Health in Uganda and several other countries in the Eastern, Central and Southern Africa (ECSA) region. His research interests span Health Policy (with expertise in Health Policy Analysis, with special focus on Public-Private Partnership for Health, Human Resources for Health, Quality of Care and Patient Safety, and Health Financing). He has facilitated Health Insurance development processes at national and Community Health Insurance Scheme levels. He has facilitated the production of National Health Accounts and the introduction of the Workload-based Indicators of Staffing Needs (WISN) methodology. He has evaluated the economic impact of health projects, the impact of training programmes and the production of Economic, Social and Health Impact Assessments (ESHIA). He is experienced in Health Planning and Management, Health Care Cost Analysis, and health worker migration studies.

He is experienced in Global Health and International Health issues (with a focus on Refugee and Migrant Health; Emerging and Re-emerging Diseases of Epidemic Potential; Health Care and Health Systems in Conflict and Post-conflict areas; International Humanitarian Law and Health; and Health of Indigenous Peoples). He is experienced in Health Promotion (with interest in the evaluation of the Effectiveness of Health Promotion). He is experienced in teaching adult learners in face-to-face and online/virtual settings. He has supervised over 100 undergraduate and diploma dissertations, close to 100 Masters degree dissertations, and 4 Ph.D. students. He is an external examiner in Public Health at Masters degree and PhD in several universities in Africa. He is multilingual and boasts of a global network of contacts in academic and research institutions, NGOs and governments.


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