Department of Community Health

Prof. Everd Maniple Bikaitwoha
Head of Department

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Staff Members

Prof. Everd Maniple Bikaitwoha

Associate Dean/Professor - Public Health
PhD Health Systems Research (RCSI), MPH (MAK), MBChB (MAK) View Profile

Dr. Sebastian Olikira Baine

Senior Lecturer-Community Health
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Dr. Nwankwo Mercy Chinenye

PhD Public Health (JKUAT, Kenya), M Sc. Epidemiology (University of Rwanda), B Sc. Nursing (Public Health) (University of Nigeria Enugu Campus) View Profile

Dr. Byamukama Topher

Assistant Lecturer
PhD (Population Health),MPH; Bsc. Env't Health Scie.; Dip. Health Services mgt View Profile

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