Harnessing the Integration of ICT in the Competency Based Curriculum (CBC) for Lower Secondary Schools in South Western Uganda

Article Authors: Conrad M. Mubaraka, Pison Asiimwe., Agnes Amanya
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    Implementation of CBC has come with challenges
    which directly influence the success of learning
    process. However much teachers and learners are
    encouraged to make use of the immediate natural
    resources to concretize subject concepts, most of the
    issues center on the use of Information
    Communication Technology (ICTs) to harness CBC.
    As schools implement the integration of ICT in the
    CBC they ought to run it with acceptable levels of
    ICT literacy which aspect is lacking. The new CBC
    encourages schools to train ICT as a vehicle in all
    subjects than a standalone subject. The main
    objective of the study was to harness the integration
    of ICT in the Competency Based Curriculum (CBC)
    for lower secondary schools in South West Uganda
    We employed the philosophy of interpretivism with
    qualitative research approach and inductive
    strategy. This is because we wanted to make a
    subjective judgment on the collected data as
    observed during the teaching and learning process
    (interpretivist) and study a small aspect of CBC and
    later extrapolate to cover the entire CBC at
    secondary school level (inductive). The study shows
    that up-to-date technology and their accessories
    should be working, available and accessible to
    facilitate CBC in secondary schools. Learners are
    more active when they use internet and they discover
    a lot on their own during and after the lesson, and
    this is the core of CBC. it is important to integrate
    ICTs in CBC implementation process as it harnesses
    teaching and learning for teachers and learners

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