Dr. Mubaraka Conrad Mike

Lecturer - Computer Education

Dr. Conrad Mike Mubaraka (PhD) brings a vast experience of 15 years of teaching and 8 years of research and supervision at both undergraduate and graduate levels. He holds a PhD in Information Systems, Msc. Computer Science and Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (Educ).

He has also served in various capacities as Deputy Principal_College of Higher Degrees and Senior Lecturer at Kampala International University (KIU), Founding Director of Graduate School_St. Lawrence University, Lecturer and program developer Uganda Martyrs University_Nyamitanga Campus, Head Quality unit in Faculty of Computing, Cavendish University.

His research interests include: E_technologies, Computer Applications in Research (Data analysis), Information System Security, Software Design Paradigms, Management Information Systems and Object-Oriented System Development (OOSD).


PhD Information Systems, KIU  2013

M.Sc. Computer Science, KIU   2007

B.Sc. Computer Science with Education,  KIU  2005

Research Interests


Computer Applications in Research (Data analysis)

Information System Security

Software Design Paradigms

Management Information Systems

Object-Oriented System Development (OOSD).


Conrad M. Mubaraka, Pison Asiimwe., Agnes Amanya . (2023) . Harnessing the Integration of ICT in the Competency Based Curriculum (CBC) for Lower Secondary Schools in South Western Uganda . INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF SOCIAL RELEVANCE & CONCERN (IJSRC), 11(3), pp. 38-47
M. Mubaraka, M Agaba, Ngige, J. Ng’ang’a . (2019) . A Computer-Aided Justice Management System: A prototype for Universities in Uganda . International Journal of Engineering Research & Science (IJOER, [online] Volume 5(2). Available at: http://hdl.handle.net/20.500.12493/154
Conrad M. Mubaraka, Moses Agaba & Ngige J. Ng’ang’a . (2019) . A Computer Aided Justice Management Systems: A Prototype for Universities in Uganda . International Journal of Engineering Research and Science:, 3(3)
Conrad M. Mubaraka & Eunice Ndyareeba . (2019) . A Mobile Science Laboratory: Architectural Design for Secondary Schools in Uganda: :Vol. 6 Issue 3 . Journal of Multidisciplinary Engineering Science and Technology, 6(3)
Conrad M. Mubaraka and Ivan Niyonzima . (2019) . Mobile Enabled Vehicle Tracking System a Case of Long Distance Bus Companies in E. Africa . IOSR Journal of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (IOSR-JEEE), [online] Volume 14(Ser. I (Jan. – Feb. 2019)), pp. 42-48. Available at: http://idr.kab.ac.ug/xmlui/handle/20.500.12493/163
Pacifique Bayongwa Ndimwami, Conrad M. Mubaraka & Joseph Amani Haguma . (2016) . System Security as a Correlate for Effective Use of Results Management Information Systems in Universities in Uganda: . ASIO Journal of Engineering & Technological Perspective Research (ASIO-JETPR), 4(1), pp. 1-6
Conrad M. Mubaraka, Mamman Jibia Salisu & Kirungi Priscilla . (2013) . Towards Knowledge Based Medical Prescription System in Health Sector in Uganda: A Case of Mbuya Military Hospital. . Global Journal of Commerce and Management Perspective, Vol. 2(3) 2013:, 2(3), pp. 136-143
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Omar Abdifatah & Conrad M. Mubaraka . (2013) . Design and Implementation of An E_Learning Platform For Professional Course Training In Mogadishu University. . International Journal of Innovative Science & Technology Research 1(1):18-24 ,Sept. 2013 SEAHI Publications , 2013, 1(1)
Conrad M. Mubaraka, Tadeo Senyonga, Novembrieta Sumil . (2013) . Architectural Design of A Secure Results Management Information System in Uganda . International Journal of Engineering Research & Science(5)
Conrad M. Mubaraka, Zacharia Uba & Gokyalya Salome . (2013) . Adoption and Use Of E-Technologies In Selected Commercial Banks In Uganda. . Global Journal of Commerce and management Perspective, Vol. 2(3) 2013:, 2(3), pp. 132-135
Conrad M. Mubaraka, Ibrahim Mohammed Jirgi, Jummai Mamman . (2013) . Knowledge Management in Universities in Uganda: A Social Perspective. . Journal of Information and Knowledge Management. www. iiste.org, Vol 2(2), 2(2)
Paul Ssemaluulu, John Peter Ochwo & Conrad M. Mubaraka . (2013) . Integrated Patient Schedule and Hospital Management System (IPSHAM). . Global Journal of Engineering, Design & Technology, 5(5)


Francis Akena Adyanga (PI), Joy Constance Kwesiga (Co-PI), Anny Bwengye (Co-PI), Jones Murangira (Co-PI), Nicholas Nkamwesiga (Co-PI), Conrad Mike Mubaraka (Co-PI), Santosh Shail (Co-PI), Sylvain Rochon (Co-PI), Hawa Keita (Co-PI), Regina Bafaki (Co-PI) November, 2021


Name of Student Title of Thesis/Dissertation Degree Year of Completion Institution
Akandwanaho Charles Computerized accounting systems and organizational performance of commercial banks in Kabale District MBA Data Analysis Kabale University
Mugabe Samuel A Framework for effective use of E_Learning : Post Covid strategy for Kabale University MA (educ Mgt) Data Analysis Kabale University
Ivan Bagamba Action Oriented research as a teaching strategy in Kabale NTC MA (educ Mgt) 2020 Kabale University
Kiconco Medard Bamwooya Reward system management and staff performance in selected secondary schools in Kabale District MA (educ Mgt) 2020 Kabale University
Kisheija Drake Automatic Promotion Policy and academic performance in primary schools in Kabale District MA (educ Mgt) 2020 Kabale University
Niyonzima Ivan The Impact of Data Mining for Retrieval in Health Care Industry: A Case of South Western Uganda PhD Conceptualization Jomo Kenyatta University
Salisu Jibia Mamman


Electoral Management Technology In The Contemporary

World: Role Of Electronic Voting Technology On

Performance Of Elections In Nigeria

Mamman Salisu Jibia

PhD 2019 Kampala International University
Lawrence M. Ndirangu



A Fuzzy-Based Recommender Framework for Workplace Learning Placement Matchmaking: Case of Advocates Training in Kenya PhD 2018 Kampala International University
Faseun Yusuf Olusola


Evaluation of the effects of Multimedia Applications Traffic and limited Bandwidth on Network Performance and Quality of Service MIT 2017 Cavendish University Uganda
Mongo Pay Gloire


Evaluation of Smallholder Farmers use of ICT for production increase and Stable income in Agriculture Sector: Eastern Uganda MIT 2017 Cavendish University Uganda
 Bakwa Nelson Lucas



Software process improvement for component-based software engineering MSC 2017 Cavendish University Uganda
Usman Nurdeen Umar



An Integrated Pilgrims Medical Record System for Improving the Quality of Public Sector Service Delivery in Sokoto State MSc 2017 Kampala International University
Asaba Innocent



IT Outsourcing, Institutional factors and Performance of CAA MBAIT 2016 Cavendish University Uganda
Tebangor Simon



System design and modelling: A comparative study of UML, ORM and BPM MIS 2016 Cavendish University Uganda
Ameenu Shinaka



Web based Records system and performance of NB Polytechnic Zaria, Nigeria MIS 2016 Cavendish University Uganda
Saleh Ibrahim Jauro




Communication, Consensus, Decision Quality and Model Quality in Collaborative Modeling. A Group Model Building Approach MIS 2014 Cavendish University Uganda
Mansur Adamu Abubakar




Network Infrastructure, Network Security, Data Routing and Packet Data Quality in Wireless and Mobile Networks. Security Analysis, Measures and Challenges MIS 2014 Cavendish University Uganda
Nzeyimana Jean Claude



E-Learning Adoption, Education Quality and Student Performance. Benefits, Opportunities and Challenges MIS 2014 Cavendish University Uganda
Rutembesa Arthur




Decision Making with the Analytic Hierarchy Process. An Evaluation and Selection of Bidders MIS 2014 Cavendish University Uganda
Nyende Flavia


Virtualization, Cloud Computing,  Quality of Service and Business Performance MBAIT 2014 Cavendish University Uganda
Thomas Makur Ruop



e-Banking and M-Banking, Financial Inclusion, Policy Regulation by Telecom Companies and Financial Institutions MBAIT 2014 Cavendish University Uganda
Kusasira Sam




Business Process Efficiency, Effectiveness and Reliability. A Framework for the Idenfication and Specification of e-Commerce Success Metrics MIT 2014 Cavendish University Uganda
Musa Sabo Yabo



A Framework for the Study of Noise, Packet Delay and Packet Loss in   Wireless Sensor Networks MIT 2014 Cavendish University Uganda
Lwanga Kintu



A GIS-Based Site Selection Tool for Routing Petroleum Pipelines MSc 2014 Cavendish University Uganda
Danladi Yusuf



Factors Affecting Adoption Of Koha Software   System In Academic Library In Binyaminu Usman College Of Agriculture Hadejia Jigawa Nigeria MSC 2014 Kampala International University
Basiru Ahmed Usman



A Framework For Adoption Of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) In Quality Assurance In Jigawa States Universities, Jigawa State, Nigeria MSC 2014 Kampala International University
Abdullah Ahmed



Modeling Business Processes To Improve Service Quality And Business Competitiveness In Selected Hospitals In Jigawa State, Nigeria MSC 2014 Kampala International University
Omar Abdifatah



Design and Implementation of An E_Learning Platform For Professional Course Training In Mogadishu University MSC 2013



Kampala International University
Richard Abaliseka Kalulu Information Technology and Humanitarian Emergency Response Management in WFP Uganda MIT 2013 Cavendish University Uganda


  1. Making Learning Lucrative in Secondary Schools_Presented to Directors of Private Schools in Sheema District on 3rd October, 2021

2. Online Pedagogy: A post COVID Strategy in Universities_Presented to Kabale academic staff on 12th April, 2020


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