Ivan Kayiti Mugabi

Assistant Lecturer-Human Rights & Peace

In addition to being a fulltime Assistant Lecturer at Kabale University, in  western Uganda,  I am passionate about inspiring the next generation of writers which accounts for my participation as one of the academics volunteering on the panel of judges for the law Undergraduate essay competitions organised every year in Dublin Southern Ireland. I am also a member of the East African Law Society Committee for Business and Human Rights, Iam a member of the Urban Law Centre, a member of the African Climate Change Network, one of UNESCO’s Experts Research Hub, among other research communities.  In terms of my education background, I have a Master of Philosophy (M. Phil.) from Cardiff University in Wales, United Kingdom, a taught master’s degree (LLM) in Human Rights Law from Cardiff University, Wales, United Kingdom, a taught master’s degree in International Commercial Law (LLM) from the University of Glamorgan, UK, Wales, a Bachelor of Laws (LLB) (Hons) from Uganda Christian University (UCU), Mukono, Uganda. I have a passion for teaching, researching, publishing as a means of advancing new epistemological discourses .


Master of Philosophy from Cardiff University, UK Wales, ; a Masters Degree in (Human Rights Law) from Cardiff University, UK Wales, a Masters Degree in (International Commercial Law) from University of Glamorgan, UK, Wales, and a Bachelor of Law Degree from Uganda Christian University Mukono.

Research Interests

  1. Climate change and human rights law
  2. Criminal law, criminology and human rights- How crime of theft impact the right to own Property, how the crime of murder affects the victim’s right to life
  3. Non-Discrimination and Equality in Construction law-special attention to how conventional plans approved local authorities are considerate of rights of persons with disabilities. Consideration of special toilets for persons with disabilities when constructing buildings from which Ugandans can exercise their rights to health (hospitals), education (classrooms and lecturer rooms or justice (courts and police offices) . Accessibility or rural and urban structures to children, women or persons with disabilities such as wheelchair users, the blind among many others.
  4. Construction and Architectual law and matter of Health and safety such as demarcation and indicating of emergency exits, fire assembly points, fire exit doors.
  5. Money Laundering: The different stages of washing dirty money clean from layering, integration to placement, the politically exposed persons, the activities of money laundering such as human trafficking, arms trafficking, concept of accountable persons in the Ugandan money laundering Act of 2013.
  6.     Oil and Gas Law: Up stream laws, Mid-Stream law and Down-stream laws, Decommissioning, national content, taxation, the taxation principles, product sharing agreements among other kinds of oil and gas contracts
  7. Computer law and information technology law such as the offences of unlawfully duplicating domain names (cybersquatting) investigation procedures such as meta-data disclosure, the data retention policies on criminals such as biometric and concepts on unauthorised access to computer system,
  8. Agriculture and the law: The legal protection of naturally produced Animal and plant species from chemically engineered products. Legal requirements of properly distinguishable packaging, branding and labelling of organic and organic product of plant and animal varieties. The patentability of seeds and possible risks to conventional substance farming. The legality and illegality of zoning law in agro-based industries of cash crops. Inclusiveness for present day farms to women or persons with disabilities.
  9. International humanitarian law and disability rights: The protection of persons with disabilities in times of armed conflicts and how the law of armed conflict (IHL) can minimise post-conflict cases of civilians with disabilities in the post-conflict period.
  10. Legal Aspects in Medical Practice: Different between ordinary consent from informed medical consent, the law on consenting to organ donation and organ transplant, the criminalisation of organ trafficking, professional negligence or recklessness under the common law of tort, assisted suicide or mercy killing and aiding or abetting abortion.



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I have successfully supervised several students at both masters and undergraduate levels and some of the master’s that have graduated after my supervision at the Uganda Petroleum institute include: Olok Benard   Akampulira Michael , Tumusiime Kefah, Nyangoma Patricia, Namazzi Racheal, Amito Angel, Nyagoma Easter, Kulu Idambi, Nkwasibwe Ivan, Katuutu Charloote, Butagira Penelop, Namatovu Oliver, Ssentongo Ronald,


UK, England, University of Essex May 2014

UK, Wales, Cardiff University Graduate College Voice of Humanities Conference

UK, England, University of Bristol Law School Conference 2014

UK, Wales, Cardiff University School of Languages, 2015

UK, Wales, University of Abersthywth, Interpol Conference

UK, England, University of Oxford, Children’ Rights Symposium

UK, Scotland, University of Strathclyde 2015 Post Graduate Conference November 2015

UK, England, University of Nottingham (Human Rights Centre) February 2016

UK, England, Birmingham, University Birmingham May 2016 Midlands Conference

UK, Northern Ireland, Belfast, University of Queen Mary, Conference, June 24, 2016Canada, University of Toronto (8th Transitional Law Conference) 2016 Greece, International Research Institute Athens, 13th July 2016.

Canada, Manitoba Law School presentation on Charity Model of Disability as corporate social responsibility, curtsey of a research grant from Asper Review, 13-14 April 2017.      Germany, Luebeck, Environmental Scientific research at university of applied Sciences, 2016 Turkey, Koç University in conjunction with the Young Comparativisit Conference, Curtsey of the NüsretArsel travel grant 27-28 April 2017.

UK, Southern Ireland, Galway, Institute for Life course and Society, Galway Ireland, Making our own Decisions: Sharing Stories & Creating Change.  2017.

Denmark, Aarhus University Department of Law, Law and sustainability in Global Value Chains, April 2018.

Israel, Selected delegate for the Israel law and policy tour to inspect sites such as Gaza strip, western wall, Golan Heights, holy places and visit to the Supreme Court. August 2018.


2020 Climate change Strategy for African conference collaboration between University of Cape town and Nairobi University

2021:Society for Comparative family law presented online paper  on customary law in African family law in pre-colonial and post-colonial context

2021 March: Presented a to University of Cape town on effect of Covid on persons with disabilities

2021 November: Paper to University of Cape town on Election in Africa during Covid (Uganda case study)

2021: Presented to the Committee of Business and Human Rights of the East African Law Society

2022 February: Presented paper to African Justice Network on Tax Avoidance in East African -AirB&B

2022 March: Presented paper on Money laundering law to the UK Global South Research Network

2022 June: To present a paper on viability of Africa’s Free Trade Area and the absence of Africa’s  Single Monetary Banking System comparison with the EU and its Euro.

2022 June: To present on online  paper to the urban law centre in Vancouver on the exclusionary and discriminative nature of Uganda’s Capital City (Kampala) to Persons with Disability due to absence of disability architecture.