Nomadic Pastoralism, Food security and social unrest in northern Uganda


Over the past four years, there have been frequent complains and commentaries in public media against the activities of the Balalo Pastoralists in northern Uganda. These complaints have been fueled by the pastoralists’ free range cattle grazing system which threatened food security, the general security in the region and the allegation of land theft or its intention. Because of these adverse reports against the pastoralists, numerous eviction orders were issued against them by both the local and central government. However, specifically for Acholi sub-region, these orders fell on deaf ears in most instances.  This study therefore seeks to establish the historical reasons for the tension, the effects of the pastoralists’ activities in the region on food security, the reasons for the deteriorating relations between the pastoralists and the host community and establish some common ground for co-existence between the host community and pastoralists.


    • Francis Akena Adyanga
    • Norma NRA Romm


    University of South Africa (UNISA)

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