Workshop with Faculty Quality Assurance Committees

Workshop with Faculty Quality Assurance Committees

On Wednesday, 30th Jan 2019, the Quality Assurance Unit organized a one-day training workshop for the newly inaugurated Faculty QA Committees. The committees were drawn from the seven faculties of the university but each faculty sent at least a member from each department so that there is equal representation.

Terms of Reference for the Committees

  1. Monitor the teaching and learning at the University
  2. Suggest appropriate room allocation to classes as situations dictate
  3. Ensure students study in a conducive environment (emotionally and physically)
  4. Attend to students’ and other stakeholders’ complaints relating to service delivery of any nature at the University.
  5. Assist the Quality Assurance Directorate in the conduct of course and lecturer evaluation at the end of every semester.
  6. Conduct staff and student training relating to enhancing the quality culture of the University.
  7. Assist academic departments in preparing academic programmes for submission to National Council for Higher Education for accreditation.
  8. Ensure that records of all documents such as the lecture record forms,students’ marks,course outlines etc are properly kept in the faculties.
  9. Carry out any other activity that promotes quality assurance at the University

Presenters during the workshop included:

  • Senior Assistant Academic Registrar(Admissions)on the topic of Quality Assurance in University Admissions.
  • Senior Assistant Academic Registrar(Examinations) on the topic of Quality Assurance in University Examinations.
  • Dean of Students on the topic:Quality of Student Support at Kabale University.
  • Quality Assurance Office on the topic:The Concept of Quality Assurance in Higher Education.

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    How I love you my own campus…indeed knowledge is the future.

    March 28, 2019 at 12:49 pm

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