Welcome Freshers

Welcome Freshers

With open arms
We say this to all
Never mind the plane
That conveyed you here
Never mind the vehicle.

From diverse corners
Of Africa’s pearl
Never mind the tribe
You hail, congregate here
Never mind the home.

Kab knows no walls
We say this to all
Never mind the gate
Just ushered you here
Never mind the fence.

Teacher or nurse
Businessman, name all
Never mind the trade
We deem you   all dear
Never mind the programme.

Welcome to academics
Nyabikoni , Kikungiri, name all
Never mind  Makanga
“Karibuni sana” here
Never mind the campus.

John Michael Edoru
Quality Assurance Officer

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  • MWISENEZA Jean Aimé Reply

    and tell us when
    graduation will be take
    this year 2017.

    August 22, 2017 at 5:48 am

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