Welcome remarks by the Vice Chancellor

Prof. Joy C Kwesiga

Prof. Joy C Kwesiga
Vice Chancellor

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I welcome all of you to the Kabale University website. Kabale University is a unique public University in Uganda that was first established as a community-owned private University but was later formally taken over by the Government of Uganda Under Section 22(1) of the Universities and Other Tertiary Institutions Act, 2001 through Statutory Instrument Number 36 of 2015. The University had started in 2002 as a community-owned private University. The University has therefore grown under both private and public sector ideologies. Kabale University is also the only uniquely positioned university that attracts students and staff from both the Francophone and Anglophone countries due to its location.

With now a student population of about 3500, the University offers a number of undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in 7 Faculties. The Programmes have been carefully designed to give our students exciting experiential learning that combines theory and practice. The university offers its programmes in various modes including weekends and recess to allow the working people to attend classes. The University has also recently introduced e-learning which will enable our students to leverage technology utilisation in their quest to acquire knowledge and skills relevant for the 21st Century. I know you are about to make a decision of where you wish to advance your education career or you have already made that decision. I wish to assure you that Kabale University is a university of choice. You will be associated with an educational institution that cherishes collegiality and academic advancement.  We shall walk with you into the future through the knowledge and skills as well as behavioural competences that the University emphasises.

The website gives you details about the nature of academic programmes offered by the University, the Governance and Management Structure of the University, the number of Schools/Faculties, the staffing, and general information about the University.

Once again, I welcome you to the website.