Vice Chancellor hands over the Office of the Deputy Vice Chancellor- Academic Affairs

Vice Chancellor hands over the Office of the Deputy Vice Chancellor- Academic Affairs

The Vice Chancellor Kabale University, Prof. JC. Kwesiga, on 14th April 2020 handed over the office of the Deputy Vice Chancellor Academic Affairs to Prof. Benon Basheka, the newly appointed DVC AA.

In a rather relaxed ceremony presided over by the University Secretary, who represented the Vice Chancellor and also speaking as the Accounting Officer of the University, Mr. Johnson Baryantuma Munono congratulated Prof. Basheka, noting that while it was not as colorful a ceremony as it would have been normally, its substance had the same effect. In his congratulatory message, the University Secretary informed Prof. Basheka and the staff members present that the VC was unable to attend the function in person but was aware of the process and function. The University Secretary noted that it had been a rather long way to the appointment but it was much worth it and given that the Office of the DVC AA was now filled, he hoped that Prof. Basheka would make a difference in strengthening the KAB Team in policy formulation and implementation, all academic-related affairs among others.

In his maiden message to Management and Staff as the DVC AA, Prof. Basheka pledged to work as a Team to achieve the purpose of the office of the Deputy Vice Chancellor Academic Affairs and the objectives of the University as a whole. He noted that the office of the DVC AA was core to the functioning of the University as it handled teaching, research and community service, the core business of any University. He further noted that despite the lockdown, he and other newly appointed Colleagues together with the rest of the Management Team were already working behind scenes, especially on policy-related matters and marketing of the University. He emphasized on the need to work on various academic reforms and approaches towards engaging and keeping the Community aware of developments in the University.

He reiterated his plan to ensure that there is information and knowledge sharing between the University and the local, national and international community which could be realized through regular press briefings by both Management and Academic Units. He would encourage the Vice Chancellor and the management team to hold regular monthly press briefings so as to increase the visibility of the University.

Prof. Basheka called on all members of the University Community to engage in proactive marketing of the University programmes in the midst of the current pandemic to ensure that by the time the lockdown is lifted, the University would be in a position to carry on with its normal business. To the Staff and general University Community, Prof. Basheka promised that the Office of the DVC AA would run an open door approach to Management, saying that every individual was always welcome for consultation even without prior appointment. He further promised to ensure that there was teamwork with the rest of the Management Team and guidance from the Governing Organs as that was critical for institutional building.

He informed members that he would use the initial period to read through a number of reports and policy documents and that he had already met some of the policy documents at Council earlier and only needed more information on operational issues at Management, Directorate and Faculty levels.

Report by the Office of the University Secretary

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