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Sempungu Joseph Godfrey
Senior Communication and Branding Officer

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Kabale University is a Public University located in South-western Uganda, on Kikungiri Hill, Southern Division, Kabale Municipality.   The strategic positioning of Kabale University is anchored in its heritage as a community-founded and community-centered institution of higher learning.  The University strives to generate and disseminate knowledge and develop skills of graduates so that they can become beneficial to not only themselves but also their communities, employers and the county at large. The University promotes innovativeness, community service and resourcefulness among the young professionals it produces.

Vision:  A sustainable vibrant Centre of excellence in teaching, learning, research and community service in the great lakes region and beyond

Mission:  To be an efficient pro-people university that excels in generation and dissemination of relevant knowledge and policies for skills development and attitude change for a sustainable learning environment

Goal: Produce marketable and quality graduates that provide professional services to the society

Core values: Accountability and transparency, Professionalism, Innovativeness, Equity and Equality, and Teamwork

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Duties & Responsibilities

  • Promoting the image of the University on various media platforms
  • Overseeing the development and production of material about University academic programs and activities for the print media and public broadcasting
  • Marketing the academic programs
  • Coordinating publicity arrangements and preparations for University functions
  • Providing feedback to Management on public perceptions about the University
  • Responding to public complaints or concerns about the University activities in accordance with the University communication strategy
  • Preparing and implementing the Communication plans and programs that meet and promote the image of the University
  • Making arrangements for and maintaining positive media relations
  • Facilitating the effective flow and dissemination of information within the University
  • Guiding the public and clients on University products and how, where and when to obtain University services
  • Preparing materials and advertising all the University programs in the mass media

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Sempungu Joseph Godfrey

Senior Communication and Branding Officer
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Atukunda Judith

Assistant Communications and Branding Officer
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