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Twebaze Alex Magyeshi
Senior Planning Officer

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In pursuance of our primary function, to produce comprehensive and integrated development plans for the university, the Planning Unit has continued to guide the University’s progress towards socio-economic transformation through three major landmarks of the University Infrastructure Investment Plan, 1st University Strategic Plan (USP I) and 2nd University Strategic Plan (USP II).

In addition, the University, as the Secretariat of the University Top Management, has produced a policy document to guide the University Council in decision making. This is aimed at enhancing University stakeholder’s ownership for all strategic planning frameworks, plans and policies.

In order to harmonise strategic planning in the university, the Planning Unit has developed and disseminated strategic planning guidelines, besides creating and strengthening partnerships, networks and collaborations in development planning. All the publications and plans are available on this website.

Currently, the university is working with all the stakeholders through various processes to ensure that University Strategic Plan (USP II) is fully implemented to realize the university’s goal of Producing marketable and quality graduates that provide professional services to the society

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Duties & Responsibilities

Mandate: Coordinate the formulation of a comprehensive and integrated strategic plan for the University.

Key functions include:

  • Coordinate and harmonize economic development planning of the university.
  • Monitor and evaluate of University Projects and Programmes.
  • Advise the University Management on economic policies and strategies for the development of the university.
  • Liaise with the private sector and civil society in the evaluation of university performance.
  • Support Cost Centre capacity development for economic development planning and budgeting.

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Twebaze Alex Magyeshi

Senior Planning Officer
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Niwagaba Evarist

Planning Officer
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