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Assoc. Prof. Abubakar Kateregga
Head of Department

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This is one of the most vibrant not only in the Institute of Languages but also in the University as a whole.
We have a good number of students offering degree programmes in a bid to become professionals in French related fields including teaching and tourism.

More than four hundred (400) students have studied French through Kabale University since the inception of the French Department about 8 years ago and are already employed in many schools across the country and beyond.

The tourism sector has been one of the greatest beneficiaries of the French Language offered at Kabale University.
Quite a number of teachers of French have either upgraded or are currently pursuing their further studies at the University.
We also offer opportunities to members of the public who wish to learn to communicate in French through short courses
We are proud to expand Francophone fraternity and contribute to the employability of our alumni at local, regional and international level.

Remember that the knowledge of French is a requirement for UN and African Union jobs!
Our partnership with the French Embassy, the University of Ngozi in Burundi and the French related bodies gives us the advantage to revamp the French Department to higher standards.
Already, the French Embassy in Uganda has continued to offer scholarships to some of our students offering French and a wide range of instructional materials.

Staff Members

Prof. Oswald Ndoleriire

Professor-Runyakitara & French
PhD-Linguistics(Sorbonne Nouvelle), MA-Linguistics(Sorbonne Nouvelle), Bed-French(Sorbonne Nouvelle) View Profile

Assoc. Prof. Abubakar Kateregga

Associate Professor-French
PhD in Linguistics(University of Rouen), M.Phil(Stendhal University Grenoble 3), M.Ed Language Education (MAK), PGDE(MAK), BA(MAK) View Profile

Mwesige Felix

Assistant Lecturer
M. Ling. French as Foreign Language; BA. Educ; Dip. Educ. Sec View Profile

Kyomukama Christine

Assistant Lecturer - French
PhD (Cand) Makerere University; MA. Linguistics (French); BA. Education (French); HETC; eLearning (French),French for Specific Purposes (FOS),DALF C2 Diplôme Approfondi de Langue Française, Educational Online Training with Alliance Française Kampala,Certificate in French for Specific Purposes in Tourism,Hotel management, Secretariat and Business from Centre de Linguistique Appliquée de Besançon (CLA)-France . View Profile

Ayebare Boniface Martial

Assistant Lecturer-French
PhD (Cand), M.Phil (Clermont-Ferrand, France), MA (Rouen, France), PGD (Rouen, France), BA (MAK) View Profile

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