Department of Governance

Dr. Mucunguzi Abel
Head of Department

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The Department of Governance is a newly created department in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences at Kabale University. It was inaugurated in November 2019 with a mandate to provide a firm foundation and broad understanding of public administration and governance issues at local government, national government and international government levels. The public administration and governance studies are aimed at equipping students with knowledge and skills of designing and implementing strategic, evidence-based and innovative policies to strengthen public governance, respond effectively to diverse and disruptive economic, social and environmental challenges and deliver on government’s commitments to citizens.

Other programmes are waiting for accreditation by the National Council for Higher Education:

  • Ph.D. in Public Administration and Management
  • Masters in Institutional Governance and Leadership
  • Masters in Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Masters in International Relations and Diplomacy
  • Masters in Public Policy
  • Bachelor of Arts in Social Sciences

Staff Members

Prof. Sabiti Makara

Professor - Governance
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Assoc Prof. Katusiimeh Mesharch. Walto

Associate Professor
PhD Urban Governance. (Wageningen University),M. Pub. Admin. (MAK),B. Arts (MAK) View Profile

Dr. Mucunguzi Abel

Senior Lecturer
PhD Pol. & Social Sciences (Pub. Admin., Pub. Policy & Governance); M. Pub. Policy & Mgt; Admin. Law; B. Arts View Profile

Dr. Barigye Godfrey

Senior Lecturer
PhD (Interdisciplinary Training and Research (MUST-2017); Masters of Arts in Public Administration and Management (Mak-2007); Bachelor of Arts-(Mak-2005), Diploma in Education Secondary (ITEK-2002), Certificate in Administrative Law (LDC-2007) View Profile

Dr. Oketch Chrisostom

PhD. Public Manag't & Admin.; Ma. Public Admin.; Ma. HRM; Ba. Public Admin. View Profile

Dr. Chama Julius

Ph.D UDOM - Tanzania, M.A (ETPM) Makerere, B.A(S.S) Makerere, U.A.C.E; U.C.E View Profile

Dr. Mugisha Abbas

Lectuter - Political Science
PhD Arts (Human Geography) (OUT) MA. Inter. Rel & Diplo. Std (MAK); PGDHRM (IUIU); BASS (IUIU) View Profile

Dr. Mary Baremirwe Bekoreire

Lecturer - Governance
Doctor of Philosophy in Political Science (Kisii University), MPA (IUIU), BASS (MUK) View Profile

Mugavu George

Assistant Lecturer -Governance
PhD-Candidate,(KAB),M.A .PSM(KYU) , BA. SS (First class),(KYU) View Profile

Naris Ninsiima

Assistant Lecturer - Governance
PhDPAM (Student) KAB, 2020, MAPAM (KAB. 2014), BSES (MAK. 2010) View Profile

Kusiima Lillian Lukumu

Assistant Lecturer - Governance
MA. PAM; BASS View Profile

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