Department of Mathematics

Dr. Namayanja Proscovia
Head of Department

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Staff Members

Dr. Damian Kajunguri

Senior Lecturer
PhD. (Math); MSc. (Math); PGD (Math Sciences); BSc. Educ. (Math/Phys) View Profile

Dr. Namayanja Proscovia

Ph.D. Applied Math; MSc. Applied Math; PGD. Mathematical Sciences; BSc. Ed View Profile

Dr. Kito Silas Luliro

Lecturer-Pure Mathematics
PhD-Math(Mak), MSc. Math(Mak), Dip. CES(Mak), BSc(Math, Econ, Stat)-Math-Major(Mak). View Profile

Dr. Nakato Sarah

Ph.D. Math (TU Graz); MSc. Math (Mak); BSc. Ed. (KYU) View Profile

Tumuhimbise Bazeyo Edson

Assistant Lecturer
MSc. (Maths); BSc. (Math, Computer Science, Physics); Dip. in Educ. Sec View Profile

Katende Ronald

Assistant Lecturer
Ph.D. Candidate - Computational Maths [Data Science] (MAK / UiB) MSc. Math (Financial) - (JKUAT/PAUSTI) BSc. Physical (Math, Statistics) - (MAK) View Profile

Ashabahebwa Catherine

Teaching Assistant
M.Sc. mathematics MUST (Student), BSc. EDC – Mathematics & Physics (KAB), DIP.EDUC SEC Mathematics & Physics KYU- NTC KABALE View Profile

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