Department of Biological Sciences

Dr. Denis Okello
Head of Department

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Staff Members

Assoc Prof. Sarah Nachuha

Associate Professor
PhD (Zoology – Ornithology); MSc. Env. Science; PGD. PAM; BSc. Ed. View Profile

Assoc. Prof. Stephen Byarujali Mwasa

Associate Professor
PhD (Botany),Master of Science (Botany),Bachelor of Science. View Profile

Assoc. Prof. Aventino Kasangaki

Associate Professor
PhD Ecology (MUST), M.Sc Zoology(MAK), PGDE (MAK), B.Sc Botany and Zoology (MAK) View Profile

Dr. Julius Alexander Arinaitwe

Senior Lecturer
B.Sc. (Hons.) MAK; M.Sc. MAK; Ph. D MAK; MBA USW, UK View Profile

Dr. Nahurira Ruth

PhD. (Biochemistry & Molecular Biology); MSc. (Biochemistry & Molecular Biology); BSc. Ed View Profile

Dr. Ahimbisibwe John Bosco

PhD Bioresources Science; MPhil. in Fisheries Biology and Fisheries Mgt; BSc. Zoology, Botany & Psychology; Dip. Educ. View Profile

Dr. Denis Okello

Ph.D (UST); MSc. Bot. (Mak); BSc. Ed. (MUST) View Profile

Twagiramaria Fortunate

Assistant Lecturer
MSc. Bio.; BSc. Educ. View Profile

Tukamushaba Christine

Senior Assistant Technician (Biology)
Dip. Laboratory Technology; Cert. Electrical installation craft part II; UCE View Profile

Annah Mpirirwe

Assistant Technician - Biology
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