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Cartland Richard
Head of Department

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On behalf of our students and staff, it is my privilege to welcome all of you to the Department of Electrical Engineering (DEE) at Kabale University. We take pride in our department, a team of highly capable and dedicated professionals, with academic and industrial experience and quality degrees from reputable universities in the world.

We provide ample opportunities to our staff and students through in-house trainings, workshops and training outside the university campus for further growth and development in their areas of expertise. The research expertise of our department include Power systems and Smart Grid, Computer Engineering-including real-time and embedded systems and internet-of-things, Communications and signal processing, Mechatronic controls and robotics, Electrical machines and drives and Power electronics.

The Electrical Engineering Diploma and Bachelor programs are designed to reflect the diverse needs of our students and the society we live in whilst retaining academic rigor. They equip our students with the required knowledge and skills to work as professional and active engineers in a wide range of career disciplines such as electrical power, electronics, communication, instrumentation and computer control industry.

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Staff Members

Samuel Sengo Mushakangoma

Assistant Lecturer
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Wanjoli Paul

Assistant Lecturer
MSc. Power Supply & High Voltage; BSc. EE View Profile

Cartland Richard

Assistant Lecturer
PhD candidate in Renewable Energy studies University of Rwanda MSc. Renewable.Energy (Mak); BTTE (Kyu); DIP.SEC.ED (ITEK) View Profile

Mugyema Morris

Assistant Lecturer-Power Systems
MSc. Railway Engineering (Electrical System); BSc. Electrical Engineering (Power Systems) View Profile

Michael Nnamdi Irechukwu

Assistant Lecturer
MSc(DSM), BSc(DSM): View Profile

Samuel Kakuba

Assistant Lecturer-Computer Engineering
Ph.D Scholar-EEEng(KNU); MSc. DCSEng(MUK); BSc. CompEng(BstU). View Profile

Isaac Kitone

Assistant Lecturer-Electrical Engineering
MSc Eng University of Leeds (UoL) 2007; BSc Elec Eng (MAK) 2001 View Profile

Meron Tusiime

Assistant Lecturer-Telecommunication & Electronics Enginering
MSC (UABT); BSC (UABT) View Profile

Julius Asiimwe

Teaching Assistant - Electrical Engineering
BSc. Electrical Engineering (Power Systems) (KAB) View Profile

Simon Mugisha

Teaching Assistant - Electrical Engineering
MSc.EE(Power Systems)(KIU)(Candidate); BEE(Power Systems)(KAB) View Profile

Oonyu Robert

Senior AssistantTechnician (Electrical)
B. Science Technology; Dip. Electrical View Profile

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