Department of Applied Design and Fine Art

Dr. Mike Nandala
Head of Department

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Welcome to the Department of Applied Design and Fine Art of Kabale University!

The Department was founded in 2016, and has been growing steadily. The Department which became the fourth in the then Institute of Engineering is housed in the now Faculty of Engineering, Technology, Applied Design and Fine Art. It enjoys a good professional and brotherly relationship with the other three Departments of Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering.

The Department of Applied Design offers a Bachelor’s Degree in Applied Design & Fine Art of Kabale University. The Program is fully accredited by the National Council for Higher Education (NCHE), and is enjoyed by the students who seek hands-on growth and experience through the Visual Arts at a professional level.

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Staff Members

Dr. Kayamba Kariti William

Senior Lecturer
PhD Fine Art (Ceramics); MA. Ceramics; PGDE Fine Art; BA Fine Art View Profile

Dr. Mike Nandala

Senior Lecturer - Graphic Design
PhD (NU); MA.CIAD (NU), BA.CIAD (NU) View Profile

Dr. Deo Nsamba

PhD in Art & Design(Practical Based); MA. Industrial Art & Design; PGDE; B. Commercial, industrial Art and Design; Dip. Art & Design View Profile

Musika Justus Lucky

Assistant Lecturer
M. Com. Industrial Art & Design (NU); B. Industrial & Fine Arts (MAK); Dip. Ed. (KYU); Cert. ITE & CompTIA - CISCO (MAK) View Profile

Nabongo Richard

Assistant Lecturer
M. Com., Industrial Art & Design; B. Industrial & Fine Arts; Dip. Ed. View Profile

Evelyn Ntinyari

Assistant Lecturer, Interior Design / Landscaping & Soft Furnishing
M. Interior Design; BA.Interior Design View Profile

Kamugisha Edward Ssajjabbi

Assistant Lecturer
MAID (KYU), BED (UCU), DIP. ED (KYU), Cert. Photo. (NYIP) View Profile

Guloba Fatumah Mugoya

Assistant Lecturer
M. A. Fine Art ,PGD. Education ,Bachelor Industrial Fine Art View Profile

Ahimbisibwe Collins

Teaching Assistant - Applied Design & Fine Art

Mike Mashemererwa

Teaching Assistant - Fine Art
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