Department of Humanities Education

Dr. Tibesasa Ruth
Head of Department

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Welcome to the Department of Humanities Education, an intellectually vibrant, research-intensive academic department of Kabale University, The Department aims to develop professional educators who will insure the growth of the education sector through quality teaching and cutting-edge research.
The department engages in teaching, research and outreach in the Humanities Education, in an environment in which individuals can develop human values, professional skills and abilities that are relevant to the needs of the nation, region and world. The Department is interdisciplinary and at present houses Geography, History and Religious Studies.

Staff Members

Prof. Tabukeli Musigi Ruhiiga

Professor - Geo
PhD Human Settlements View Profile

Dr. John Paul Kasujja

Ph.D (History Education, Makerere University), M.A (History Education, Makerere University), B.A Education (Hons) Makerere University View Profile

Dr. Mbaasa Patrick

Lecturer - Religious studies
PhD (Religious Studies); M.A (Theology); B. DIV; DIP.ED View Profile

Dr. Tibesasa Ruth

Lecturer - History
PhD. Archaeology (UP); MA. Archaeology (UDSM); BA. Ed (Mak); UACE, UCE View Profile

Dr. Mwangu Alex Ronald

Lecturer - Geography
PhD. MEd. Social Sciences & Arts Ed (Geography); BED (Geography / Religious Studies) View Profile

Ainomugisha Jeremiah

Assistant Lecturer-Geography
MA. Geo; PG Cert PPM; BA. ED View Profile

Carolyn Magdalen Namujulirwa

Assistant Lecturer-History
View Profile

Kyarikunda Justine

Teaching Assistant - Religious Education
MA. PCS; BA.ED; DIP.ED.SEC. View Profile

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