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Dr. Ezra Francis Munyambonera
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The Department of Economics and Statistics (DES) was created in July, 2017 and it is under Faculty of Economics and Management Sciences (FEMS). At the moment, it runs one degree programme – Bachelor of Arts in Economics (BA in Economics). However, students take Economics as a major or minor subject in their combination for Bachelors’ Degrees in other Departments of different Faculties including Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, Faculty of Education, Faculty of Science etc. The number of students on these degree programmes is more than 500 students. Currently, therefore it is largely a service Department. Plans are underway to introduce the following undergraduate and higher degree programmes:

  •  BSc. in Quantitative Economics
  • BSc in Statistics
  • MA. in Economics
  • MSc. in Economics
  • MSc. in Statistics
  • PhD in Economics


The programme (Bachelor of Arts in Economics) runs for a period of three (3) academic years consisting of six (6) semesters. There are two (2) semesters made up seventeen (17) weeks each in a year, of which two (2) are for examinations. There shall be a recess term which will last for eight (8) weeks and will exclusively be for field attachment.


The Kabale University Bachelor of Arts in Economics focuses on training the world’s economic decision makers and managers of the future. The graduates are expected to work in many parts of industry, including; business strategy, financial markets, commodity markets, international trade, economic research,  business strategy, social research, education , government departments, trade policy advisors, project managers, development advisors ,business consultants, political advisors, business analysts, journalists, banking, stock brokering, manufacturing, insurance, among others. The programme offers a range of academically balanced courses to meet the needs of the various sectors of the economy. The courses of study are dynamic so as to keep pace with the rapidly evolving environment of business, management in the service, production and commodity sectors. The programme also develops the student’s practical managerial skills, communication skills and business decision-making capability. Many programs thus incorporate training and practical experience, in the form of case studies, projects, presentations, internships, industrial visits, and interaction with experts from the industry.

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Staff Members

Dr. Ezra Francis Munyambonera

Senior Lecturer-Economics
2013-PhD-Economics-Mak, 2001-MSc. Agricultural Economics-Mak, 1991-Bsc Agriculture-Mak View Profile

Dr. Damazo T. Kadengye

Senior Lecturer-Statistics
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Dr. Kikawa Richard Cliff

PhD of Technology: Math Technology (Statistics); M. Statistics; BSc. Educ. View Profile

Nabimanya Boaz

Assistant Lecturer
Master of Social-Economics; PGDE-Math. & Econ.; Bs. Quant. Econ. View Profile

Mayanja Edison

Assistant Lecturer
PhD, Master of Statistics; PGD. M&E; BSc. Math & Physics View Profile

Byanyima Faustino

Assistant Lecturer
MA.Econ.; BA. Econ. View Profile

Agaba David

Assistant Lecturer-Economics
PhD-Economics (Student); MA. Econ; B. Educ; Dip. Sec. Educ. View Profile

Shine Arineitwe

Assistant Lecturer - Economics
M.A.EPM (MUK); BSc. Educ (Econ & Math) -(MUK) View Profile

Patrick Kagambo John Nahabwe

Assistant Lecturer - Economics
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Dianah Nkamusiima

Teaching Assistant
Bachelor of Arts with Economics View Profile

Miria Kyarikunda

Teaching Assistant - Economics
Master's. Candidate- Economics (KAB) BSc.Educ (Econ & Math)-(KAB) View Profile

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