Department of Environment and Natural Resources

Dr. Fiona Mutekanga
Head of Department

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The study of Environmental Science is the application of scientific disciplines to address environmental and socio-economic problems. It uses an interdisciplinary approach to examine the natural world and the impacts of organisms on our planet. Some of the key challenges faced by the current generation include environmental degradation, energy crisis, water scarcity, food security, environmental sustainability, the threat to biodiversity and climate change.


  • Examine scientific knowledge of environmental systems
  • Discuss environmental assessment, audit, and monitoring
  • Design appropriate technology in harvesting natural resources;
  • Assess scientific knowledge in environmental problem solving;
  • Discuss the inter-disciplinary approach in conservation and management

Staff Members

Assoc Prof. Bamwerinde Mwetonde Wilson

Associate Professor (Agro-Forestry)
PhD, Agroforestry/ Natural Resource Economics, Mak, 2006. MSc. Environment, MaK, 1996. BSc. Forestry, Mak, 1985. View Profile

Assoc Prof. Agnes Ariho Babugura

Associate Professor - Environmental Science
PhD, Climate Variability and Change (University of Witwatersrand, South Africa); MSc. Environmental Science (University of Botswana); BA, Environmental Science and Sociology (University of Botswana). View Profile

Dr. Jennifer Turyatemba Tumushabe

Senior Lecturer
PhD (MUST), MA. DS(KAB), PGD. PPM(UCU), BA. ENV(UCU). View Profile

Dr. Alex Saturday

PhD ES (UDSM); MSc. IWM(KU); BSc. ES (KAB) View Profile

Dr. Isaiah Owiunji

Ph.D (Planning Environmental Mgt), MSc. Zoology (Mak), BSc. Zoology View Profile

Dr. Fiona Mutekanga

PhD-Env. Sc. (WUR), MSc-Env. Sc. (MUK), PGDE-Biol. & Chem. (MUK), BSc-Botany & Zoology (MUK). View Profile

Dr. Daniel Abiriga

Lecturer - Environmental Science
Ph.D. (USN); MSc. (USN); PGC. (UCC); BSc. (Mak) View Profile

Dr. Adonia K Bintoora

Lecturer - Forest Ecology
PhD (NRM) NU, MSc.. (MAC-IUA, Spain) MSc. TM-NU, BSc.For. (MUK) Dip. TTAM-CTC- UK View Profile

Byamukama Simon

Assistant Lecturer
MSc. ENR (MAK/KAB); MPPM (KAB); BSc. EDM (UCU). View Profile

Susan Kangume

Assistant Lecturer
PhD Student Climate change and Adaptation MSc. Integrated Watershed Mgt; B. Environmental Science View Profile

Tumuhimbise Immaculate

Assistant Lecturer
MSc IWM (Kenyatta University), BEnv.Sc (Kab. University) View Profile

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