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Eng. Ngirabakunzi Emmanuel
Estates Officer

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Kabale University has departments categorized into two: Academic and Administration. Estates Department is one of the Administrative Departments of the University. It is a department responsible for infrastructure development of the University and covers buildings, carpentry, water, roads, mechanical and electrical works.

The Department’s mission is to ensure provision of adequate physical infrastructure that matches University standards while assuring conducive academic, working and research environment to both students, lecturers and other University employees.

The Department’s vision is to be “a dependable department with professional staff to handle all University’s infrastructural requirements while ensuring efficiency and cost-effectiveness”.

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Duties & Responsibilities

Estate’s Mandate

The department is mandated to ensure:

  • Maintenance of all University’s infrastructure and vehicles;
  • Execution of minor civil, mechanical and electrical works either by Force Account or contracting;
  • Development and supervision of capital projects and services;
  • Safe custody of the University’s assets;
  • Provision of technical guidance to the University’s Council and other departments;
  • Planning for infrastructural projects for short, medium and long terms.

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Staff members

Eng. Ngirabakunzi Emmanuel

Estates Officer
BEng. Build. & Civil Eng.; BSc. Eng. View Profile

Muhangi Edgar Mwebembezi

Assistant Estates Officer
MSc. Civil Eng(Cand.); B.Eng Civ. Eng.; Dip Civ. & Build. Eng. View Profile

Mubangizi Charles

Technician (Electrical)
Dip. EE; Cert. Electrical Installation View Profile

Arinaitwe Joram Bafaki

Adva. Cert. Plum. & Pipe Fitting; Craft 1 Certificate in Plumbing; Cert. SESWSI View Profile

Tindyebwa Rogers

UACE; UCE; Valid Driving Licence View Profile

Sabiiti Francis

Valid driving permit with classes: DM, DH, DL, CH, CM & B; A learning Program in Operate a Rigid Light Vehicle; UCE View Profile

Mutuhe Umar

Valid driving permit with classes: DL, CH, CM & B; A learning Program in Operate a Rigid Light Vehicle; UCE View Profile

Rwomushana Robert

Valid Driving Licence Classes B,CM.DL & DM; UCE View Profile

Atusasire Erasmas

Office Assistant
Currently pursuing BAED. U.A.C.E. UCE. Cert. in firefighting and disaster management. Cert. in Special police constables. View Profile


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