Directorate of Research and Publications

Prof. Natal Ayiga

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The purpose of this office is to manage matters relating to research and publications and related standards at the University. The holder is responsible to the Deputy Vice-Chancellor/ Academic Affairs and is in turn responsible for the Deputy Director/ Research and Publications.

Authors Guidelines

Kabale University Research Journal (KURJ) is a multidisciplinary journal accepting high-quality original research articles, letters and commentaries on a wide range of disciplines. The journal has a committed editorial board and competent and renowned reviewers from various disciplines. The journal accepts manuscripts only in the English language and is published quarterly: March, June, September, and December and uses a double-blind peer review process in assessing manuscripts submitted for consideration of publication. Regardless of submission dates, the Journal ensures a quick and quality review of manuscripts. Manuscripts submitted for consideration of publication must have been checked for plagiarism, edited by language and subject experts, and must not have been published or submitted for consideration of publication to another journal.
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Duties & Responsibilities

  • Initiates, obtains approval of and promotes policies, plans, standards and programs that will sustain and enhance the conduct of research and publications at the University.
  • Develops, reviews and advises on the implementation of a framework for viable, sustainable and relevant research and publications in University academic programs.
  • Manages the compilation of various school/ faculty/ institute graduate research and publications requirements, in liaison with the Directorate of Graduate Training, to develop an overall University research and publications budget.
  • Lobbies for the acquisition of research grants and grants in aid for publications.
  • Manages the administration of research grants and grants in aid for publication.
  • Coordinates cooperation and networks relating to the conduct of research and publication between the University and other entities in various disciplines.
  • Liaises with the Deans of Faculties/ Institutes and Schools for the development of research programs.
  • Directs monitoring of the quality of implementations of research programs and publications and tender’s advice accordingly.
  • Facilitates Principal Investigator meetings including orientation meetings for peer-review of research undertakings.

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Staff members

Prof. Natal Ayiga

PhD. Pop. Stud.; M.A. Demography; B.A. SS View Profile

Richard E Shafer

Fulbright Scholar
Ph.D. Rural Sociology and Journalism, University of Missouri Emeritus Professor of Journalism, University of North Dakota View Profile

Natukunda Peter

Assistant Administrative Officer
MMS (Public Admin. & Mgt); PGD. Public Admin. & Mgt; BA. SS; Cert. Admin. Law View Profile


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