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Research is a core mandate of universities. It is the basis on which knowledge is created, reviewed, improved, and applied.  Research directly contributes to the well-being of society by providing solutions to various social problems. There is sufficient evidence indicating that universities with a clear research roadmap, increased investments in research, and increased research outputs have a higher potential for success.

The Directorate of Research and Publications (DRP) was established in 2017 and became operational in 2018. The mandate of the Directorate of Research and Publications (DRP) at Kabale University (KAB) is to harmonize and coordinate all research and publication activities at the University. These research activities include research conducted by staff and students and collaborative research with other universities and research institutions. In implementing its mandate, the DRP works with the Faculty Research and Publications Committees (FRPCs). The DRP is supervised and guided by the Research and Publications Advisory Board (RPAB), which is a Committee of the Senate chaired by the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic Affairs). The Composition of the RPAB comprises the Academic Registrar, University Bursar, University Librarian, Head of Quality Assurance, and Chairpersons of FRPCs.

 Through research and publication activities, the DRP aims to position Kabale University as an internationally distinct, vibrant, and people-centered institution that responds to national, regional, and international development challenges. In this regard, research, innovation, and publication activities at KAB are guided by the following:

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Duties & Responsibilities

  • Initiates, obtains approval of and promotes policies, plans, standards and programs that will sustain and enhance the conduct of research and publications at the University.
  • Develops, reviews and advises on the implementation of a framework for viable, sustainable and relevant research and publications in University academic programs.
  • Manages the compilation of various school/ faculty/ institute graduate research and publications requirements, in liaison with the Directorate of Graduate Training, to develop an overall University research and publications budget.
  • Lobbies for the acquisition of research grants and grants in aid for publications.
  • Manages the administration of research grants and grants in aid for publication.
  • Coordinates cooperation and networks relating to the conduct of research and publication between the University and other entities in various disciplines.
  • Liaises with the Deans of Faculties/ Institutes and Schools for the development of research programs.
  • Directs monitoring of the quality of implementations of research programs and publications and tender’s advice accordingly.
  • Facilitates Principal Investigator meetings including orientation meetings for peer-review of research undertakings.



  • Developing Language Teaching Materials for Adult Learners of Kiswahili Oral Proficiency.
    E. Wesana-Chomi
  • Determining Equilium Quantity of Domestic Water Sources in Kabale Municipality, Western Uganda.
    Mr. Runyonyozi Johnson and Mr.  Alex Saturday
  • Tea Growing and Food security in Kanugu District, Uganda.
    Dr. Barigye Godfrey
  • Determining the accuracy and benefit of using chest Ultrasonograpy to diagnose childhood pneumonia at Resource –poor Health settings in Uganda.
    Dr. Sam Tumwesigire
  • Anemia in Pregnancy in Kabale Region; Relationships to diet and nutritional status. A cross sectional analytic study.
    Prof. Lule John C.
  • Building a prototype low speed wind –Turbine system to provide the Energy requirement for irrigation Domestic water supply systems
    Mr. Paul Wanjoli


  • Analysis of Pesticide Residues in Commonly grown vegetables in Kabale District.
    Mr. Hannington Ngabirano
  • Chinua Achebe’s things fall apart into Runyankore-Rukiga “Ebya Ira Bikataataana”.
    Mr. Jackson Ndyanimanya
  • Social Media and Marketing in the Hospitality sector: Opportunities for developing and effective online community for Hotels in Uganda.
    Mr. Stephen Rugumambaju
  • Effectiveness of community and Institutional level frameworks in Combating Gender Based violence in Northern Uganda.
    Prof. Natal Ayiga and Francis Akena Adyanga
  • Developing Language Teaching Materials for Adult Learners of Kiswahili Oral Proficiency.
    Prof. E. Wesana-Chomi
  • Globalization and its implication on the growth of Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in Western Uganda.
    Dr. Eton Marus


Domestically funded research projects

  • Examining the relocation of the Batwa Indigenous people from the Forests and its Implication on their indigenous education system.
    Francis Akena and Dr. Denis Sekiwu
  • Gender dynamics of crime: Analysis of convicts in selected prisons in Kigezi region.
    Ms. Lilian Tinyebwa and Mr. Warren Aryeija
  • Indigenous Governance and Management Systems and Practices in Kigezi Sub-Region of South Western Uganda: A Historical Analy
    Prof. Benon Basheka
  • Investigation of Content and Dynamics of Nutrient in the Surface Water of Lake Mulehe in Kisoro District, South-Western Uganda.
    Mr. Alex Saturday
  • Municipal Solid Waste Governance in South Western Uganda.
    Asso. Prof. Mesharch W. Katusiimeh
  • Cooperative and savings Societies and Poverty Reduction in Uganda: A comparative study of Lango and Kigezi Sub-Regions.
    Eton Marus and Prof. Benon Basheka
  • Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices (KAP) related to COVID-19 among members of Kabale University (KAB) community.
    Dr. Godwin Turyasingura
  • Determinants of degradation of agricultural landscapes and biodiversity conservation around protected areas in Kigezi highlands, southwestern Uganda.
    Asso. Prof. Wilson Bamwerinde
  • Impact of data mining for information retrieval in the health care industry: A case study of health systems in South Western Uganda.
    Mr. Ivan Niyonzima
  • Analysis of the effects of Covid19 on the operations and sustainability of SMEs in south western region-Uganda.
    Dr. Arthur Sunday
  • Microcredit Institution’s Services and Sustainability of Micro, Small and Medium Scale Enterprises in Kabale District, Uganda.
    Prof. Kaaya Siraje ,  Dr. Kinyata George Stanley, Dr. Agaba Moses & MS Nyangoma Miria

Externally funded research projects

  • Improving the Knowledge and Understanding of Youths in 4 districts of Kigezi region.
    Mr. Sanni Adebayo, Prof. Joy Kwesiga
  • Accountability Mechanisms, Practices and Challenges for RMNCAH Services in Uganda’s Health Sector.
    Dr. Nathan Nshakira, Asso. Prof. Meshach Katusiime


  • Role of zinc and pufa in type ii DM Wister rats.
    Dr. Herbert Nisiima
  • Assessment of the knowledge, attitudes, and practices towards Covid-19 prevention measures in communities living at border points of the Kigezi Sub-Region, Western Uganda.
    Ms. Irine Mutuku
  • The perils & prospects of perennial crop farming: a case study of Kigezi highland tea.
    Dr. Julius Cham, Mr. Donesian HategeK’imana
  • ICT Integration in Teaching and Learning Process: A case of selected secondary schools in Kabale District.
    Dr. Phelix Busingye
  • Access and use of Covid-19 information among women venders in markets in Kabale, Ntungamo and Mbarara districts in South Western Uganda.
    Dr. Nina Rugambwa, Dr. Phelix Busingye

Research projects funded in June 2021/2022

  • Poultry Production and Employment Generation among Youths and Women in Kigezi Region, Uganda
    Mr. Adebayo Sanni Tajudine
  • The socio-economic impact of Covid-19 on displaced peoples’ livelihoods at Nakivale refugee settlement, South-western Uganda
    Dr. Abel Mucunguzi
  • The nexus between Participatory budgeting and Budget Implementation in Uganda: A comparative study between Central and southwestern region-Uganda.
    Dr. Eton Marus
  • Assessing the Factors Affecting Organizational Preparedness of MSMEs during COVID-19 Pandemic in Kigezi Region, South Western Uganda
    Asso. Prof. Caleb Tamwesigire
  • Mobile Money Tax Exemption, Interoperability, Mobile money usage and Financial Inclusion in Kabale district, South Western Uganda
    Prof. Siraje Kaaya
  • Statistics Teaching in Secondary schools in Uganda: Evaluation Challenges and Issues Encountered
    Dr. Cliff Richard Kikawa
  • Plasmodium falciparum genetic diversity and multiplicity of infection in areas varied malaria transmission intensity in Uganda
    Mr. Alex Mwesigwa
  • The Application of Social Norms Theory among Youths in Preventing Violence against Women and Girls: A Case of Amuru and Kabale Districts of Uganda
    Prof. Natal Ayiga
  • Psychosocial Analysis of Public Acceptance towards End-of-Life Vehicle (ELV) Policy in Uganda
    Asso. Prof. Edward Bantu
  • Development of a wetlands’ health index using benthic macroinvertebrates and fish in Southwestern Uganda
    Ass. Prof. Aventino Kasangaki
  • A first track of Cultural Astronomy in Kigezi Region
    Dr. Issac Habumugisha

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