Tushabe Sylivia Byarugaba

Assistant Lecturer


Tushabe has a Master of Hospitality and Tourism Management from Makerere University (2019) as well as a Bachelor of Catering and Hotel Management from Makerere University, of which she earned in 2005. She also holds a Postgraduate Diploma in Business Administration from the Uganda Management Institute (UMI). At Kabale University, she is presently pursuing a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Business Administration by Research (only).

Career in the profession.

She began her academic career in 2007, working for 13 years as a lecturer at the YMCA Kampala Branch’s Department of Hotel Management, where she specialized in teaching hospitality course units like Customer Care, Marketing, Accommodations Operations, Front Office, Food and Beverage Service, and Food Production. She had a significant impact on the creation of the curriculum for the Catering Course Units such as Accommodation Operations, Food Production and Preparation (Practicals), Food Diet and Nutrition, and Food and Beverage Service. She has a strong interest in practicals.

She was hired in April 2019 as an assistant lecturer in Kabale University’s Department of Tourism and Hospitality Management. From July 1st, 2019 to February 2021, she also held the position of Head of Department for Tourism and Hospitality Management at Kabale University. The number of students enrolled doubled as a result of her promotion of the tourism and hospitality programs as the department head. On the basis of the foundation she created, she believes the department will progress from glory to glory.

Three (3) programs were re-accredited by the National Council for Higher Education (NCHE) during her leadership, and all of them are now skilling programs. She led the curriculum review of all programs in the department of Tourism and Hospitality Management. These include the Bachelor of Tourism and Hospitality Management, the Diploma in Catering and Hotel Management, and the Diploma in Tourism and Hospitality Management. She contributed to the creation of the Bachelor’s program in Catering and Hospitality Management and the Master’s program in Tourism Management, both of which were accredited by the National Council in May 2022. She is confident that her studies and publications, including her master’s dissertation, “Human Capital, Working Environment, Employee Performance, and Service Quality in Accommodation Facilities,” would alter the hospitality industry.

As of July 7th, 2022, 950 academics had referenced or cited https://mubsir.mubs.ac.ug/handle/20.500.12282/3216 . She thinks that enhancing students’ skills in hospitality training facilities will improve their employ-ability in the hospitality industry.

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  • MSc.Tourism & Hospitality, (MAK)
  • PGD Business Admin,( UMI)
  • Bachelor catering & Hotel Mgt (MAK)
  • Uganda Certificate of Education(UCE)
  • Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education (UACE)
  • PhD in Business Administration by Research) student.

Research Interests

Skills Development and Graduate Employability in the Hospitality Sector of Kabale District-South Western Uganda


S. B. Tushabe , B.Turyasingura &S. K.Rwotolonya . (2023) . Adoption of ICT in Hotel Sector During COVID-19 Pandemic in Uganda: Case Study of Selected Hotels in Kigezi Sub Region . African Journal of Tourism and Hospitality Management, [online] Volume 2(1). Nairobi: EAST AFRICAN NATURE & SCIENCE ORGANIZATION, p. 34. Available at: https://journals.eanso.org/index.php/ajthm/article/view/1522


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More Information


May 2021 – to date PhD in Business Administration by Research (student). Kabale University
2014 -2018 Masters in Hospitality and Tourism Management.


Makerere  University.(MAK)
2008 – 2009 Post graduate Diploma in Business Administration Uganda Management Institute  (UMI)
2002 – 2005 Bachelor’s Degree in Catering &

Hotel Management.

Makerere  University.(MAK)
2000 – 2001 Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education (UACE)


Trinity College Nabbingo
1996 – 1999 Uganda Certificate of Education(UCE) Trinity College Nabbingo



https://mubsir.mubs.ac.ug/handle/20.500.12282/3216 or


And Research Interests ,  my PhD research Topic.

Skills Development and Graduate Employability in the Hospitality Sector of Kabale District-South Western Uganda




  • Extensive knowledge of tourism and hospitality
  • Capable of developing and revising curricula
  • Dependable and self-motivated
  • Excellent interpersonal relationships at work
  • Analytical and decision-making abilities.
  • Capabilities for effective teamwork and development.






Acting Head Of Department for Tourism and Hospitality at Kabale University. July , 2019 – Feb,2021 Duties, Achievements And Personal Remarks



  • Fostering academic programs ( we managed to develop two more programs Bachelors of Catering and Hospitality management  and Masters of Tourism Management which were accredited in May 2022, and three programs were re –accredited by  NCHE in 2020 that is Diploma in Hotel Management, Diploma in Tourism and Bachelors in Tourism and Hospitality. .
  • Quality assurance (ensure compliance with the set policies, regulations and guidelines of the University and relevant bodies.
  • Leadership and Management of the department: budgeting, time tabling, planning and office organization.
  • Academic Management (teaching, learning and examination)
  • Chairing Departmental meetings.
  • Linking the Department with the faculty (through representations, participating in meetings and other common activities/service).
  • Students Affairs ( provide adequate supervision, dissemination of information, respond to student grievances and requests , provide student counseling and general welfare)
  • Resource management (staff, finance, physical infrastructure and other related university resources).
  • Over seeing staff induction, performance, academic growth and professional development. Appraisal, promotion and succession planning.
  • External relations (UWEC, UWA, Hospitality firm’s coordination internship programs for students and Marketing the Department externally.



DESIGNATION: Lecturer Catering Department YMCA (2007 – 2019)




  • Promote the aims and objectives of the Institute through promotion of its values and norms.
  • Teaching, setting examinations, Invigilation and Marking
  • Career Guidance and Student counseling.
  • Provide technical input to the institution through staff meetings.
  • Empowering students to participate in co-curricular activities
  • Support students during their practical



  • Lecturing at its best
  • Learning and academic progress
  • Very good job done
  • Team work at its best
  • Good life experience



  1. Strengthening staff in quality control and skills performance

Topics covered.

  1. Performance in a competitive business environment
  2. Pedagogy –setting and assessment
  • Strategic management plan and report writing
  1. Ethics and professional code of conduct
  2. Building a competent team for a better performance

Topics covered

  1. Customer care and public relations
  2. Quality assurance
  • Pedagogy (lecturing and assessment)
  1. Personal development, career growth and retirement
  2. Empowering staff for better service delivery

Topics covered

  1. Tourism and hospitality what is the link?
  2. Systems designing a key to quality service delivery in hospitality industry.
  3. Learn, discover and change

Topics covered

  1. Managing change
  2. Communication flow
  • Handling students
  1. Security and safe guard of document’s
  2. Computer & internet skills
  3. Professional competence skills
  4. Industrial training
  5. Transformational leadership for personal & organizational development.



April 2019 to-date Kabale University
  • Acting Head of Department Tourism and Hospitality Management from July, 2019 to Feb.2021.
  • Assistant lecturer and PhD student
July 2007- april2019 YMCA Comprehensive Institute, Kampala Branch
  • Lecturer
  • Vice chairperson to YMCA Staff Association (YASA)


2018-todate. A member to hotel general managers association of Uganda (HOGMAU) Member


Skills attained  

  • Negotiation and communication skills
  • Managerial and Supervisory Skills
  • Customer care and service skills
  • Leadership skills
  • Team player
  • Effective interpersonal skills
  • Coordinating with other user departments
  • Planning and budgeting
  • Cookery skills.


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