Dr. Jennifer Turyatemba Tumushabe

Senior Lecturer

Dr. Jennifer Turyatemba Tumushabe holds a Ph.D. in Interdisciplinary Studies from Mbarara University of Science and Technology in Uganda (MUST). She serves as a Senior Lecturer in Environmental Science at Kabale University, contributing to both undergraduate and postgraduate education. She possesses extensive expertise in teaching pedagogy, particularly in measurement and assessment. She has a number of publications and her areas of specialization include: Climate Change, Food security and Sustainable Development. Her specialization delves into Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation Policies, Carbon Clean Community Development and Carbon Financing.

Additionally, she serves as the Coordinator of the Clean Air Action Corporation (CAAC) under The International Small Group Tree Planting Programme (TIST) in Uganda. Her versatility extends to being a dedicated researcher and consultant, focusing on the domestication of both exotic and indigenous tree species for watershed management, restoration and land cover purposes. Her commitment to environmental causes is further evident in her involvement with initiatives aimed at promoting carbon neutrality and sustainable development.




PGD in Project Planning and Management (UCU)



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