Mugisha Simon is a dedicated teaching assistant in the field of electrical engineering. Simon holds a Bachelor’s degree in electrical Engineering from Kabale University and currently pursuing a Master of Science in Electrical Engineering with a specialization in Power Systems at Kampala International University  Western Campus.

Simon possesses a strong skill set in various programming languages and tools essential for electrical engineering, including MATLAB, Python, AutoCAD, and C++. Simon’s  proficiency in these programming languages enables him to assist students in understanding and implementing complex electrical engineering concepts.

As a teaching assistant, Simon is known for his commitment to helping students succeed in their academic endeavors. Simon provides valuable support, guidance, and practical insights to students in the electrical engineering program, ensuring that they grasp the intricacies of power systems and related subjects.

Simon’s educational journey and expertise in programming languages make him a valuable asset in the field of electrical engineering, and his role as a teaching assistant helps aspiring engineers gain the knowledge and skills necessary for a successful career in this dynamic and vital field.


  • Master of Science in Electrical Engineering(MSc.EE)(Power Systems)(Candidate),KIU
  • Bachelor of Electrical Engineering(BEE),KAB

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