Godfrey Joseph Sempungu

Senior Communications and Branding Officer

Godfrey is distinguished as a ‘Marketing Warrior’ by the Uganda Marketers Society (UMS), the professional body for marketers.   He also is a Certified Mass Communication Professional (CMCP#23061801). He is a disruptive marketing strategist with a specialization in marketing communication. He is an expert in digital and novel communications. Throughout his career, he has worked in a variety of multicultural environments, both in Africa and Europe. Currently, he is serving as the Communication Consultant for the SEBU project administered by Kabale University, funded by the JRS Biodiversity Foundation. He was the team leader of the UCU team project, that won the consortium Erasmus + Capacity Building in Higher Education (CBHE) DALILA project (2000-2024) funded by the European Commission. He is also the team leader of the Kabale University consortium project NISHATI (2024-2026) which is funded by the European Commission under CBHE. In addition, he was the KAB coordinator for the European Union-funded SPEAK-UP Jean Monnet project (2021-2024). In both Europe and Uganda, Godfrey has received awards for outstanding professional performance.

He was the founding Associate Dean of the School of Business and the inaugural Coordinator of the MBA Program at Uganda Christian University. His research interests are in complexity sciences, digital marketing, economics, renewable energy, and sustainable business practices. He is the principal consultant for Yosef Consults and the proprietor of Ekurukuru Sanctuary. Since 2002, he has served on several management committees, chaired boards, and taught at several universities in Uganda. In addition to training and developing several university curricula, he has supervised hundreds of undergraduate research projects and approximately 20 graduate students to completion.  His expertise includes marketing, communication, curriculum design, integration, teaching, teaching media, and delivery.

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Research Interests

  • Complexity Sciences
  • Communication
  • Digital Marketing (SEO, SMM, Analytics, Content Marketing)
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Marketing Communication
  • HTML Editing
  • e-Commerce
  • Sustainable Business
  • Renewable Energy



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Associate Professor Sarah Nachuha (Principle Investigator), Dr. Julius Arinaitwe (Partnership Development & Coordination Consultant), Sempungu Joseph Godfrey (Communication Consultant), Stephen Kigoolo (Training & Survey for Reptiles and Amphibians Consultant), Dr. Fiona Mutekanga (Masters Students Supervisor), Assoc Prof. Ilya Maclean (Principle Technical Advisor), Dr. Lynda Donaldson (Expert on papyrus endemic birds) January, 2023 → January, 2026
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  1. Moses Lutwama:Impact of Job Design on Employee Satisfaction in Small Medium Enterprises (2009) MBA -completed
  2. Mukasa Elizabeth: An investigation into determinants of limited performance of MFI (2009)- MBA Completed
  3. Sr. Nabatanzi M Immaculate: The contribution of internal control systems to the success of selected Catholic founded projects in Kampala arch-diocese (2009)- MBA – completed
  4. Omach Doe Olore: The impact of budgetary control on financial performance in the public sector -2013 MBA – Completed
  5. Bwambale Robert: The Impact of leadership styles on the performance of human resource in local government institutions; a case of Kasese DLG (2013) MBA – Completed
  6. Drajeru Henry: The effect of food security on house hold income – 2013 MBA – Completed
  7. Bukirwa Grace: Challenges of customer handling procedures and their impact on customer satisfaction in the banking industry; a case of Post bank (2015) MBA – Completed
  8. Namagera Victoria: contribution of workplace diversity on organisational performance (2015) MBA – Completed
  9. Nakakande Jane: The effect of social network usage on employee performance in
    Uganda (2015) MBA – Completed
  10. Nakibuuka Sandra: the effect of employee development on staff productivity in commercial banks (2015) MBA – Completed
  11. Tusiime John Bagambi: Effect of corporate social responsibility on profitability and the environment in the financial services industry (2015) MBA – Completed
  12. Georgina Nakubulwa: The influence of customer relationship management initiatives on customer loyalty (2015) MBA – Completed
  13. Gloria Ashaba: Promotional based systems and motivation in Uganda Police Force (2017) MBA – Completed
  14. Patrick Tusiime: Social media advertisement: an empirical examination of
    facebooks influence on consumer purchase decision of telecom products in Uganda (2017) MBA – Completed
  15. Gerald Twesiime: Claims settlement and sale of insurance products in Uganda (2017) MBA – Completed
  16. Wasswa Kiberu: E-commerce adoption and SME performance in Uganda (2019) MBA – Completed
  17. Fortunate Oshemeire: online advertising and consumers’ attitudes: a study of UCU (2017) MBA – Completed
  18. Yvonne Kembabazi: The adoption of SNT’s in Business Networking; a focus on
    Facebook in selected SME’s of Mukono municipality (2019). MBA – Completed
  19. John Khauka: Promotional Communications and Students decision to join private universities; a case study of Kumi University. Submitted for examination for MA Strategic Communication
  20. Trust Niwarinda: Social Media and Branding engagement; an assessment of Facebook usage on brand loyalty in selected insurance companies in Uganda. Submitted for examination for MA in Strategic Communication


  1. Participated in the Training of Trainers of DALILA project with a focus on Renewable Technologies, Green Business, gender & Environment, and Circular Economy. Universidad de Cádiz, Spain (1st -3rd February 2023)
  2. Attended a Training workshop on the role of Media in National Security and Socio-Economic Transformation (24th – 25th April). Organised by the Office of the President and the Ministry of ICT and national Guidance.

More Information


Godfrey is a Marketing, Communication expert, Education, and Business Management practitioner, training specialist, lecturer, and Emeritus Associate Dean of the School of Business. He has served in several key strategic and top, middle, and operational management positions. His area of expertise is in complexity sciences and disruptive strategy, Marketing, economics, and the designer of customised management training programs. Godfrey Chaired the UCU’s communications and Marketing committee for several years, Chair School collaborations committee, Postgraduate programs committee, He has also been the chair of the university eLearning committee, Lead Member, Mukono diocese Professionals steering committee, etc, Board chair Nezikookolima Junior school, Chair of the Nezikookolima investments club, He is the lead consultant for Yosef consults, Founder of the Ekurukuru Sanctuary, UCU Manager, for the European Commission-funded DALILA project on sustainable business and renewable energy – Total Grant total worth 999.937,00, member of the UCU-Business incubation Hanze foundation grant-winning team,

He started the MBA programme at UCU and the Kampala and Main Campus in 2015, and as Chair of the Faculty Postgraduate committee led to the development of several graduate programmes. As Chair of the UCU Communication and Marketing committee, he guided policy and strategy. He led to the crafting of UCU’s first communication and Marketing Strategy and Policy and revision of the same. He led the streamlining of the communication and marketing office and its transition from a singular PRO function.
As Deputy Chair of the Elearning Committee at UCU, he was on the team that designed the first eLearning policy of the University. as Acting Chair of the eLearning Committee, he led the team that designed the first UCU eLearning strategy and oversaw the development of the eLearning center.
He was the Manager of the ‘leaders’ one of the five key groups that combines staff in the University.
He was part acting chair of the crises committee that managed the university business during 2020 when the lockdown was ordered by the government. He was also the Chair of the UCU take-home exam task force that managed the first University-wide take-home exam in the history of a university in Uganda.

Consultancies work

Notable consultancies that he did in change management and Team building:UN- International Organisation of Migration(2023), United Nations Development Porgram(2021),  Habitat for Humanity International(2017), Uganda Christian University senior staff- (2018 and 2019) Makerere University retirement benefits scheme- (2020, 2021, 2022, 2023), Compassion international under their small scale business owners (Seeta CDC)-(2020), Mbuya parents staff school staff change  management (2020), Uganda Christian University Mbale University college (2019)



Godfrey has done research in management and mentored several student research work and projects on digital marketing and marketing communication, Green marketing, entrepreneurship innovation, marketing, and complexity sciences. He has designed a new university curriculum for diploma, undergraduate and postgraduate programs for several universities in Uganda. He has also reviewed new curricula for universities. And taught at undergraduate and postgraduate university levels for the past 19 years in Uganda.

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