Prof. Joy Constance Kwesiga

Vice Chancellor

Professor Joy Constance Kwesiga, Ph.D. (London), is an experienced academician, University Administrator Social Development Analyst and a renowned gender and Women advocate and mentor. She has had the enviable privilege of combining academic work with women’s rights activist work. She has been a Professor of Gender Studies and the Vice-Chancellor of Kabale University since November 2005 to date. She oversaw the transformation of Kabale University from a Private Community University to a Public University (since 2015). Even when Kabale University was a private University, she effectively steered it to attain an Operating Licence in 2005, and a University Charter in 2014.

Previously, Professor Kwesiga served at various levels as a University Administrator at Makerere University, rising from the ranks to the level of Deputy Academic Registrar. She then switched to the academic arena, serving as the Head of the Department of Women and Gender Studies, and later became the Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences at Makerere University. Professor Kwesiga was the founding Head of the Gender Mainstreaming Division of the Academic Registrar’s Department at Makerere University. The goal of the Gender Mainstreaming Programme is to make Makerere University an all-inclusive institution. Professor Kwesiga was able to lay its foundation.

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  • Doctor of Philosophy (Ph. D), (1993) University of London, Institute of Education. Field of Study:  Gender and EducationTitle of Thesis: “Access of Women to Higher Education in Uganda:  Analysis of Inequalities, Barriers and Determinants”.
  • Master of Arts (M.A.) (Higher and Further Education) (1988). University of London, Institute of Education.  Title of Dissertation: “Managing a University in a Changing Environment:  The Regeneration of Makerere University in Uganda”. 
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Public Administration (DPA), The Uganda Institute of Public Administration (IPA – now Uganda Management Institute) (1979) First Class.  Dissertation Topic:  The Senate Committee System at Makerere University
  • Bachelor of Arts (B.A) (1967) University of East Africa.  Major in Geography. Second Class, Upper Division.
  • Advanced Secretarial Studies, Kianda College, Nairobi, Kenya and Uganda College of Commerce (1968).
  • Many short courses in research methods, gender training, management, women’s empowerment, academic writing, presentation skills, civic education, project planning and management, fund-raising, strategic life management, finance for non-finance professionals, and others, from various institutions, in Uganda and beyond.

Research Interests

  • Equity in education
  • Social science research
  • Promotion of girls’ education
  • Women’s empowerment
  • service to the community


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Francis Akena Adyanga (PI), Joy Constance Kwesiga (Co-PI), Anny Bwengye (Co-PI), Jones Murangira (Co-PI), Nicholas Nkamwesiga (Co-PI), Conrad Mike Mubaraka (Co-PI), Santosh Shail (Co-PI), Sylvain Rochon (Co-PI), Hawa Keita (Co-PI), Regina Bafaki (Co-PI) November, 2021


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