Vivian Najjuka is an Assistant Lecturer, teaching in the Department of Library and Information Science, Kabale University. Vivian is a Mugweri by tribe and married to Mr. Behakanira Onem. She is a PhD candidate in Information Science. She holds a Bachelors’ and a Masters’ Degree in Library and Information Science both from Makerere University. Beside, Vivian is a Born-Again Christian and a national activist chairperson, advocating for the rights of people living with Vitiligo (a skin-disorder with white-milky patches) in Uganda. Further more, Vivian is able to speak a number of languages including; English, Luganda, Lugweri, Lukiga and Runyankore. Her personality or character include; good interpersonal skills, hard working lady, very committed to her work, and can interact and work freely with all people at all levels and races. Her professional interest is to see that all people are provided and satisfied with the various  information needs and services in the areas of specialization, being that we are now we are in a digital age and an information society. During are leisure time, Vivian loves being involved in community outreaches, evangelism, reading inspiring books, listening to gospel and country music, travelling and making friends.

Email at , Mobile No.: 0700-769-114


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