Innocent Agaba

Assistant Lecturer-Kiswahili

Agaba Innocent works at Kabale University as an Assistant Lecturer in the Institute of Language Studies ,Department of African Languages . He holds a Master of Arts Degree in KIswahili (MA.Kiswahili) from Islamic University in Uganda (IUIU). He has a first class bachelor’s degree in Education (BED-Kiswahili Language & Literature) of Kabale University. He also holds a Diploma in Education – Secondary (DES- Main 1&2) from Kyambogo University.

His areas of Interest in Kiswahili Language & Linguistics are: PhoneticS & Kiswahili Phonology, Kiswahili Morphology and Syntax.


Master of Arts – Kiswahili (Islamic University in Uganda)

Bachelor of Education-Secondary (Kabale University)

Diploma in Education- Secondary (Kyambogo University)

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