Dr. Sekiwu Denis

Senior Lecturer

Denis Sekiwu is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Foundations of Education, Faculty of Education at Kabale University. He has also served in the capacity of director, postgraduate training at Kabale University between June, 2019 and November, 2019. Denis has a Post-Doc from Rhodes University in South Africa and holds a PhD in education from Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University in Port Elizabeth, South Africa in 2013.

Denis has over 20 years teaching and management experience, 16 of which are in higher education.  He has been director of Quality Assurance in Universities. He has been principal of Buganda Royal Institute of Business and Technical Education (BRIBTE), Director Quality Assurance at Muteesa I Royal University and Lecturer at Busitema University since 2014. Denis has also been consultant on several national and international projects with the Uganda Red Cross and Merlin (Southern Sudan)—a European Union Project on Primary Health Care in the Eastern Equatorial Stage, South Sudan. Denis is also external examiner of Masters and PhD in Makerere University, Rhodes University and Nelson Mandela University in South Africa. He has also supervised Masters and PhD dissertations to completion.

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University Qualification
Rhodes University, Grahamstown, South Africa Post-Doctorate in Doctoral Education, Research, and Supervision (2015).Research Fellowship in developing Postgraduate Supervision using Doctoral Communities: A case for Rhodes University. I use Phenomenological Research Designs, with Interpretative and Critical Analysis approaches, the study intent is to understand varied critical perspectives, Social Justice, and collaborative spaces in Doctoral Community natures, and the impact on development of postgraduate supervision, research, and publication in South Africa and Uganda, respectively.
Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University [NMMU] (Port Elizabeth) Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Education (2013)
Title of Thesis:Integration of Values into Management of Learners’ Discipline in Ugandan Schools. The Study Developed an Integrated Values Model for Positive Discipline (IVAMO) where a set of values to articulate what is positive discipline and citizenship education were recommended, as well as the establishment of a national philosophy of education to guide child education initiatives.
Makerere University, Kampala Master of Education (Social Sciences & Arts Education) in 2003.
Title of Dissertation: Effect of Salaries on performance of Primary School Teachers in Masaka District. The study found out that Salaries in Uganda contribute significantly to teacher motivation circumstances, therefore disproving that salaries are not merely hygienic factors but also motivators.
Makerere University, Kampala Postgraduate Diploma in Education (Economics and Religious Education) in 2001.
Makerere University, Kampala Bachelor of Arts in Social Sciences(Economics and Social Administration), Second Class Upper Division in 1998.

Research Interests

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Mayega, R.W., & Sekiwu, D. (2008). Baseline Survey entitled, “Evaluation of the Rural Water & Sanitation (WATSAN) status in the Albertine region, Western Uganda (Kabarole, Kasese, Bundibugyo, Hoima and Buliisa). Funded by the Danish Red Cross.

Mayega, R.W., Kirunda, B., & Sekiwu, D. (2008). Mid-term Evaluation entitled, “Evaluation of Primary Health Care provision in the Eastern Equatorial State”, Government of South Sudan. Final Report to the European Union.

Mayega, R.W., & Sekiwu, D. (January 2007). The Health and Care Programme of the Uganda Red Cross. Programme document (2007-2010) in 49 URCS branches in about 60 districts. Participating funders: Uganda Red Cross and Danish Red Cross.

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Mayega, R.W., & Sekiwu, D. (March, 2008). Needs Assessment for the Planned Project on Psychosocial Rehabilitation of Children Affected by the Conflict in Northern Uganda (Gulu and Lira Districts).

Mayega, R.W., & Sekiwu, D. (June, 2008). Baseline and Needs assessment of the Youth Capacity Building Project of the Uganda Red Cross Society and Danish Red Cross Youth

Sekiwu, D. (2013). Developed Strategic Planning Framework (2013-2018) for Lubiri High School-Buloba Campus.

Sekiwu, D. (2016). Training and Capacity Building Services to Uganda Martyrs University as Consultant (Faculty) for Masters of Education Management Students. Masaka Study Centre between May, 2016 and June, 2016.

Sekiwu, D. (2016). Busitema University Faculty of Science and Education Strategic Planning Framework (2016-2022) as lead consultant and designer of Strategic Plan.

Sekiwu, D., Kazooba, T., Ndaruhutse, G., Ikemeza, I. (2017). As Lead Consultant Designed a Training Manual to Train FAWE/HEAP beneficiaries. Funded for Tertiary Education. Foundation for African Women Educationists, Uganda.

Sekiwu, D. (2019). Program Assessor with National Council for Higher Education (NCHE), 2018-2020.


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More Information

Work Experience

Denis is currently a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Education Foundations at Kabale University. Below is other working experience.

1999 Research Assistant, Delivery of Improved Services for Health Project [DISH-I), Kololo-Kamwokya Drive, Kampala 
2000 Graduate teacher of Economics and Religious education atSt. Joseph’s Secondary School-Kigando, Kiboga district 
2002 Head teacher at St. NoaMawaggali Secondary School-Njeru, Mukono district 
2004 Deputy Principal, Buganda Royal Institute of Business and Technical Education-Mengo, Kampala district 
2007 Lecturer, Faculty of Education at Muteesa I Royal University
2007 Research Associate/consultant, on a Programme for the Delivery of Improved Health Services in Refugee Hosting Areas of North Western Uganda [Funded by the Danish Red Cross].
2011 Head, Research-Muteesa I Royal University.
2011 Editor and Founder Member, Muteesa I Royal University Research Journal
2011 Lecturer, Faculty of Business and Management, Bugema University
2012 Lecturer, Department of Social Work and Social Administration, Islamic University in Uganda.
2014 Life Member of the International Forum for Researchers in Education (IFORE), Annamalai University-India
2014 Member, Editorial Board of Advisors and Reviewers, Ndejje University Research Journal
2014 External Examiner of Postgraduate Dissertations, Faculty of Education, Kyambogo University
2015 Part-time Lecturer, Busitema University Masters of Educational Leadership.
2015 Consultant Nkozi University, offering Teaching and research supervision services to First and Second year Master of Education students.
2015 Reviewer, Journal of Development and Leadership, Faculty of Business and Economic Sciences, Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University.
2016 Visiting Research Fellow and Doctoral Students’ Mentor at Rhodes University, Grahamstown on a “Doctoral Communities” Project under the management of Prof. Soux McKenna and Prof. Carolyn Grant.
2016 Conducting Collaborative research on “Social Justice, Collegial networks, and Moral Education Spaces” at North-West University (Potchefstroom Campus) with Prof. Ferdinand Potgieter and Prof. Rossouw, head research peer groups in Education Leadership and Administration.
2016 to date Lecturer, Faculty of Science and Education-Busitema University
2016 Coordinator, Masters & Doctoral Programmes in Education Busitema University
2016 Chair of the Examinations Malpractice Committee of the Faculty of Science & Education, Busitema University
2016 to date Research Chair of the Social Justice & Education Management Research Strand, Faculty of Science & Education Busitema University.
2016 to date Member of the Finance & Planning Committee of the Faculty of Science & Education, Busitema University
2016 to date Member of Editorial Board of Makerere Journal of Higher Education [MAJOHE]
2017 Founding Editor, Journal of Innovations and Sustainable Development, hosted by the Faculty of Science & Education-Busitema University.
2016 Participated in Writing a Doctorate in Educational Psychology to be tenable
at Busitema University. The programme has been officially accredited by
National Council for Higher Education.
2017 Written a Doctor of Philosophy Degree in Educational Leadership and Institutional Governance, Busitema University.
2015 to-date Journal Reviewer, South African Journal of Education (SAJE)
2019 Chair of the Postgraduate Board, Kabale University