Dr. Charles Kiiza Wamara

Lecturer-Social Work

Charles Kiiza Wamara, PhD, MSW, MSS, is a Lecturer of Social Work and Social Administration at Kabale University. He has practised social work for eight years with international, national, and Local organisations working with marginalised women, youth and people with disability and older people. He has 4 years experience of teaching at the university level. His work includes more than 10 peer-reviewed articles in reputable social work journals and two book chapters. He has conducted several surveys for non-governmental organizations and consulted on several aspects such as civic education, access to public information, organizational management, capacity building and empowerment and advocacy. He has previously served as a Programme Officer, Programme Manager and Director of Programmes in reputable organizations. He has provided consultancies to international organizations such as USAID/GAPP, USAID/SAFE, DGF and ActionAid Uganda.
Charles has several international certificates in human rights, governance, civic empowerment, and monitoring and evaluation, Learning and Teaching from reputable international institutes such as Training Centre for Development Cooperation (TCDC) in Arusha Tanzania and the Centre for Academic Excellence in Sweden. He lectures nationally and internationally on globalised social work perspectives, anti-racist social work, gender and development, social work with older people and social development. He has been a speaker in Uganda and abroad including Austria, Denmark, Sweden, Rwanda, and Nigeria. Charles has a special focus on old age and later life, community development/rural development, migration and refugee studies, human rights and social justice, environmental social work and critical societal perspectives.


  1. PhD in Social Work, Orebro University, Sweden
  2. Masters of Arts in Social Work, University of Lincoln (UK)
  3. Master of Social Sciences, Aalborg University, Denmark
  4. Post graduate Diploma in Human Resource Management, UMI
  5. Bachelor of Social Work and Social Administration (MUK)

Research Interests

  1. Social work with older people
  2. Indigenisation and decolonization of social work
  3. Migration and refugee studies
  4. social work and end of life care
  5. Human rights and social justice
  6. Environmental social work
  7. Gender and development
  8. International social work



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Wamara, K. C. (2019). Taking older person’s participation in the transition process into long term care institutions seriously. In: Human Dignity and Social Protection: International Federation of Social Workers, Europe Region in Vienna, Austria, 9 – 12 September.

Wamara, K. C. (2019). Promoting dignity and worth in social care services. In: Towards Capability in Ageing – from cell to society: 9th International Association of Gerontology and Geriatrics, European Region Congress, 23rd – 25th May. Gothenburg, Sweden.

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