Dr. Ainamani Elvis Herbert

Senior Lecturer - Clinical Psychology

Dr Herbert Elvis Ainamani (PhD) is a senior lecturer in the department of Mental Health-School of Medicine- Kabale University- Uganda. Prior to joining Kabale University, Herbert was a senior lecturer at Bishop Stuart University-Mbarara Uganda and the Head of department of Psychology. While at Bishop Stuart University, He was also a research fellow (MADRI) in the department of Psychiatry at Mbarara University of Science and Technology (MUST)-Uganda.

Herbert earned his PhD from MUST under the mentorship of Prof Dr Thomas Elbert of the University of Konstanz-Germany. He also holds MA in Counselling Psychology and a BA  from Uganda Christian University. Herbert also obtained an Advanced Diploma in  Child and Adolescent Mental Health from MUST.

Herbert’s doctoral research project focused on trauma- related mental health disorders with a special focus on Post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), cognitive domains of (working memory and executive functions) and appetitive aggression among the refugees living in Uganda.

During his doctoral studies, Herbert gained extensive experience in the area of Psycho-traumatology as he worked closely with Prof Dr Thomas Elbert and his team at the University of Konstanz including participating in research and training in psychological treatment within conflict and post conflict communities such as those in Burundi, Northern Uganda and Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). During this time, Herbert also trained in Narrative- Exposure Therapy (NET-KIDNET)- a Psychological treatment intervention for traumatised children and adults.

Herbert has practical experiences on the provision of psychological treatment and clinical research among the refugees/general community and children/adolescents using various psychological interventions and standardised clinical assessment tools.

Herbert is a post-doctoral IMMANA Fellow (Tufts University, London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine (LSHTM) where He closely examined the intersection between agriculture(gardening), nutrition and mental health problems among people/ family caregivers of people with Alzheimer’s disease and other related dementia (ADRD).

Herbert is also a Social Science Research Council Fellow (PhD completion) and a winner of African –German young researchers award of African Mental Health Foundation.

Herbert has vast international travel experiences and speaking to international audiences in Uganda, Burundi, DRC, Kenya, Ghana, USA and Germany.

Herbert has recently been awarded a 2023 International Presidential Visiting fellowship at the University of Regensburg in Germany.


  • PhD
  • MA. Counselling Psychology
  • Bachelor of Arts
  • Diploma in Child and Adolescent Mental Health

Research Interests

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Herbert E. Ainamani, Thomas Elbert, David Olema, Tobias Hecker, . (2017) . PTSD symptom severity relates to cognitive and psycho-social dysfunctioning – a study with Congolese refugees in Uganda . European Journal of Psychotraumatology


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International conferences/speaking engagements and workshops attended.

  •  August 2022: Global leadership Summit ( Chicago IL, US)
  • June 2017. Presented paper on “PTSD symptom severity relates to cognitive and psycho-social dysfunctioning – a study with Congolese refugees in Uganda: in an international conference organized by society of neuroscientists of Africa
  • May 2017.Presented on “Raising Orphans Without Stigma “at a conference organized by a Christian alliance for orphans in Nashville TN USA
  • April 2017. Speaking to the Psychology classes and faculty on Psychological treatment of refugees in the context of a refugee camp at Bradly University Peoria IL USA.
  • April 2017: Speaking to the Psychology classes and faculty on Psychological treatment of refugees in the context of a refugee camp setting at Geneva College Pittsburg Pennsylvania USA.
  • February 24 – 26, 2016. Attended and presented at a German-African Research Workshop for innovations in African healthcare Systems, Nairobi, Kenya
  • 2015.Attended and presented in the Psycho Trauma Conference (PCAF) Nairobi2014.
  • 2014. Research methods -University of Ghana Accra (One week Organized by social science research council-Next generation for social science in Africa).
  • 2014.Presentation of preliminary doctoral research findings in weekly meetings at the University of Konstanz-Germany (center for psycho-traumatology).
  • 2012 Feb. Presentation of doctoral proposal in weekly meetings at the University of Konstanz-Germany (center for psycho-traumatology).

More Information

Submitted (Manuscripts)

  • Ainamani et al., Prevalence and associated factors of depression and PTSD among school going vulnerable children and adolescents in southwestern Uganda (under review -journal of comprehensive psychiatry)
  • Ainamani, HE, Gumisiriza N &Rukundo GZ: Mental Health Problems related to COVID-19: A call for Research and psycho-social Interventions in Uganda (Under review -Psychological Trauma: Theory, Research, Practice, and Policy)
  •  Bahati R., Herbert Ainamani Cathy Sigmund and Godfrey Rukundo. Association between stigma and depression among urban refugees in Mbarara Municipality, Southwestern Uganda (Submitted to BMC Psychiatry)

Additional Relevant Trainings

  • Certificate in responsible conduct of human research(online) Massachusetts General Hospital: 2018:
  • Certificate in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT): Massachusetts General Hospital-USA :2018
  • Certificate Narrative exposure therapy for Trauma therapists -2013 -University of Konstanz-VIVO International
  • Certificate in HIV Testing and Counselling Training -2018-AIDS INFORMATION CENTRE
  • Teaching, research focus and clinical services.

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