Dr. Damian Kajunguri

Senior Lecturer

Damian Kajunguri. is a Senior Lecturer of Applied Mathematics, specialising in Mathematical Epidemiology. He holds a Ph.D. and Masters in Mathematics from Stellenbosch University, Cape Town, South Africa. His research activity is in infectious disease epidemiology, where he has developed mathematical models to investigate the epidemiology and control of infectious diseases. Motivated by the devastating effects of infectious diseases in human and animal populations and by the value of mathematical models in the design of preventive measures, Kajunguri got attracted to this area when he was doing a Postgraduate Diploma in Mathematical Sciences at African Institute for Mathematical Sciences (AIMS), Cape Town, South Africa in 2007. Since then, He has developed models that describe the dynamics of the transmission and control of infectious diseases including HIV, TB, trypanosomiasis, and other diseases. Kajunguri’s approach has been through the use of ODEs, DDEs, probabilistic and stochastic equations.

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PhD (Mathematics) Stellenbosch Univ. Cape Town, South Africa,
MSc. (Mathematics) Stellenbosch Univ. Cape Town, South Africa
PGD (Mathematics Sciences). Univ. of the Western Cape (AIMS)- Cape Town, South Africa,
BSc. Educ.- Math/Phys, MUST

Research Interests

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D. Kajunguri, E. B. Are and J.W. Hargrove . (2019) . Improved estimates for extinction probabilities and times to extinction for populations of tsetse (Glossina spp) . PLOS , Neglected Tropical Diseases, 13(4), pp. e0006973


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PhD students
1. Ibrahim M. Fanuel (2021), Modelling the impact of anthropogenic activities on forest biomass and forest-dependent wildlife population [with Dr. Francis Moyo] NM-AIST – Ongoing
2. Joshua A. Mwasunda (2019), Modelling the Transmission Dynamics and Control of Taeniasis/Cysticercosis in Humans, Pigs and Cattle [with Prof. Dmitry Kuznetsov & Dr. Jacob Irunde] NM-AIST- Completed 2022

Masters students
1. Orishaba Phionah (2021), Land use land cover change influence on population distribution and foraging of the Grey Crowned Crane (Balearica Regulorum) in Rushebeya wetland catchment [with Dr. Phiona Mutekanga] Kabale, University, Uganda- Ongoing
2. Ibrahim M Fanuel (2016), Optimization model for water allocation to users: A case study of Nduruma irrigation canal-Arusha, Tanzania [with Prof. Alen Mushi] NM-AIST, Tanzania -Completed 2017
3. Paul S. Mwita (2016), Mathematical modeling on dynamics and control strategies of Zika virus [with Prof. Livingstone Luboobi] NM-AIST, Tanzania-Completed 2017
4. Xavery Idan (2016), Mathematical modeling of transmission of urinary tract infection (UTI) in human population [with Dr. Joseph Ssebuliba] NM-AIST, Tanzania – Completed 2017
5. Kabigi Baraka Moses (2015), Modeling the impact of controlling drain latrine wastes in the drainage system on the dynamics of cholera in Tanzania [with Dr. Theresia Marijani] University of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania- Completed 2017


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